Can Manchester United’s senior players save their season? | Back pages Tonight

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Manchester United’s woeful season continues as their under pressure manager, Erik ten Hag, looks to his senior players to help save The Reds season.

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20 thoughts on “Can Manchester United’s senior players save their season? | Back pages Tonight

  1. Why are these English pUnDiTs not slamming Rashford, Marguire, Wan-Bissaka and McTominay but always the Foreigners???
    How BIAS and myopic can they be??! Disgusting!

  2. From the moment eth had a bbq with the players and their families when the season had already started, I knew something was wrong. You don’t do that if everything was fine. I knew he was struggling to connect with the players. The man’s a bit of a robot. His man management will be his downfall. I know Ronaldo didn’t make it easy but that situation is also another example

  3. People say United fans have main character syndrome but you have to admit the world really does validate it coz Man United are ALWAYS the big story lol certain "big clubs" could win a game 6 nil but if United drew 1-1 against Luton today the media would behave like that other 6 nil game never happened lol

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