Can Everton beat the odds despite a 10 point deduction? | The Football Show

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Everton were docked 10 points for violating financial rules ahead of their first Premier League match against Manchester United.

Can the club withstand the storm and beat the odds despite what many have called “unjust”?

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24 thoughts on “Can Everton beat the odds despite a 10 point deduction? | The Football Show

  1. I don't get it. Everton lost 300 millions over 3 years. They had benefits which reduced their losses to 19.5 million.They have known about Russian support impossibility for 18 months. The penalty should be 1 point for every million over the loss limit. The stadium construction is CAPEX, they could have sold one or two more players and they wouldn't be in this situation.

  2. The Premier League are more currupt than Everton, I see Sky didn’t do a close up shot of the Currupt Cards, no wonder really as everybody associated at Sky are in bed with premier league😊

  3. Why are these idiots making excuses for them?
    The new ground and the Russian war extenuating circumstances give me a break!
    Problems created by Everton mismanagement.
    The punishment is not enough as Everton should have had the points deducted last season but they've dragged this out in the hope of being in a better place this season which they are. Two points deducted last season would have seen them in the championship. Can't help feeling if this was a team the likes of Luton, Forrest or Fulham ect the media wouldn't be of the same opinion.
    Bottom line is

  4. We can't survive when there's a conspiracy to ensure relegation. A yellow card for diving in the box is rescinded and a penalty awarded instead. Those with the the power aren't even ashamed of being so blatant about their intentions either.

  5. All you guys in the media and these comments sections online should train as defence lawyers and earn big money. Your entire argument the last 2 weeks has been “yeah, they broke the rules, they did it but theyre small and feeble and have had a hard life so let them off. Stop being mean. What about so & so? What about them?” etc. so tedious. They’ll ALL be punished, it’s just Everton are first up. Someone was always gonna be first up.

  6. The media and pundits have got their violins out for Everton but why? The only people are feel sorry are the fans of clubs like Leeds, Leicester, etc who had to watch their clubs go down as a results of Evertons fraudulent accounting. This punishment should have come last season . Everton shouldn't even be in the league . They may even get more points deducted after the compensation claims are heard . If Everton are going to protest then they need to protest against their board NOT the EPL. Evertons caused wont be helped either by the atrocious finishing of the teams strikers . They were awful yesterday.

  7. Only one person to blame at everton football club and that's the owner moshiri, everton supporters should sue moshiri for miss ownership of the club, im urging everton supporters not to buy any merchandise from the club etc untill moshiri sells everton football club, moshiri out

  8. Stop saying it's unfair or unjust and make excuses. They knew they were going to break the rules and the club continued to spend as they did. When Man City and possibly Chelsea get their punishments then you can compare the punishments and determine whether it was just or unjust.

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