Can Africa’s Right to Dream academy produce the next Mohamed Salah?

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Right to Dream is a multi-club, multi-academy group with branches in Ghana, Egypt, Denmark and the United States. Could we see the next Mohamed Salah being produced?

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2 thoughts on “Can Africa’s Right to Dream academy produce the next Mohamed Salah?

  1. academy need more money to spend special africa don't have at all.
    if you are africa nation and got money you beg western nation believe me they can't build academic football

  2. What is disappointing is the African FAs have been allowed to be corrupt by FIFA in exchange for their votes for FIFA presidents. So FIFA asked them no questions about where the money went for youth development and it disappeared in most countries. Senegal was one of the few countries that put money they got from FIFA into youth development and national academies and it made them the best team in Africa. And if other African FAs were like Senegal, African teams would be much stronger than they are, if they used the money for facilities and academies. Africa has more raw talent than any continent in the world and the lack of investment in youth football has seen Africa football fall behind Europe. So they now rely if the diaspora in Europe rather than producing their own players of high quality because the corrupt officials can pocket the development money because there is no cost to player raised in Europe.

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