Breaking Good News! Canada Immigration Plan : No backlogs by February 2023 | Canada Visit Visa 2023

Breaking Good News! Canada Immigration Plan : No backlogs by February 2023 | Canada Visit Visa 2023
This channel will be a simplified guide, we’ll walk you through the entire Canada immigration process without the lengthy talks.

Disclaimer: This channel is not owned by an any Canada Government Agency or an Immigration Lawyer. The contents in the channel is for informational purpose only collected from Various public domains. you may need to contact an expert immigration attorney for your specific immigration needs.

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43 thoughts on “Breaking Good News! Canada Immigration Plan : No backlogs by February 2023 | Canada Visit Visa 2023

  1. 👆👆Send a direct message right away 🆙🆙 for a visa to Canada
    Meet them for help and consultancy on how to get to Canada in a legal and legitimate process without spending much in the process.
    They are well recommended

  2. Hi, am an African leaving in Kenya my homeland, I have been wanting to come to Canada, but I have tried with no avail, am professionally a chef, with experience of 9years, I really need your help please?

  3. I think more coaching is needed in explaining to immigrants how the Canadian tax system and social services work before their citizenship and immigration is approved.

    So many of these folks are coming expecting free cheques, health cares and educations and don't understand what actually funds these programs. In Canada we collect tax payers dollars from working Canadians and then transfer that money into the social programs that Canadians use. So these Canadians have PAID for these services upfront whether or not they intend to use them. You are thinking these are FREE services that you should be allowed to use immediately upon arrival. They are not FREE.

    Lets look at EI for example. This is the Employment Insurance program. You've got International students working on a temporary work permit saying they should be allowed access to this program. Generally how EI works is an employee works for a duration of time. The employee pays taxes for this employment to the government. We do NOT protect you from the employer just throwing you away for no reason. So the EI basically says it is unethical for us to claim taxes from you and allocate that money for someone else's benefit when you are in a period of need and need that money. So basically they give you a PORTION of the collected taxes back in apology for not protecting you from that employer. This is not a welfare check. This is money the government collected from you, being returned to you as insurance. Nobody is supporting you. You support yourself.

    Now ask yourselves. Do International Students pay taxes as a temporary resident? How much do they pay? How many services are they attempting to use in Canada that they have not yet paid into to support them AND their family being here? It is UNETHICAL for anyone to award an international student funds from the tax payers pool to help you, a terminated work visa holder, survive. The taxes that have already been collected have been allocated into the health care, education, and other public services in the cities that you inhabit to support you living there. These same things you may or may not be using, that we all pay for. You are working with permission from the government under sponsorship from the company taking a job from another Canadian citizen who wanted that paycheck. Do you think they are going to be sympathetic in granting you THEIR tax payer money to help you stay here when the employment didn't work out? Your company was the one who supported your work visa over hiring local Canadian citizens. They were the ones who wanted you here, the taxpayers did not invite you and YOUR SPONSOR changed their minds. The only one we feel who should be obligated to deal with you is THEM. Sue them, don't come after the Canadian community.

    When taxes are collected from us we expect that money to go to OUR, and OUR FAMILIES needs. Not someone else you did not ask us if we wanted to support. That's the Canadian way. We are just hoping that if these folks seriously want to be Canadians they understand that. Living in Canada is not intended to be a free ride.

  4. I'm from Pakistan who can I apply for Canada with out higher education & business documents
    But I have electrical diploma
    & 8 Year GCC country's experience
    As a electrical work & Arabic chef
    Plz kindly helps me for this

  5. Great 👌 nice to hear.

    I would like to request kindly update more details about work permit visa process for Canada.. I mean what is the current situation and how long normally taking time to process.

    As I have been applied almost 4 months and still waiting…

    Thank you in advance..

  6. I tried several times to get a job but I didn't get a job. I am Afghan and I am currently in Pakistan and I want to go through these visas. Can anyone help?

  7. Not sure if I understood well my girlfriend is colombian, I ain’t got the necessary income to sponsor her but she asked for a visitor visa to come over in june that mean she could convert this visa into a working one once in Canada?

  8. Due to delay in student visa pupils are suffering from extensive stress .So Canada govt have to take care about that and also cure them from certain diseases such as heatattack, depression ,high blood pressure and so on

  9. Very good news but I still do not understand if the possibility of changing visitor visa for work/study visa is available sInce Canada announced it would end in February 2023

  10. Assalamu Alaikum. I gave biometric on 1 March 2022 for work permit visa. 2 November 2022 My (procedural fairness) comes. When this message came I had "current status" (your action is required). A few days after reporting the matter to the company, they told me that they have submitted the required documents through other means instead of directly depositing into the account. On 13 Jan 2023, my "current status" was (Application/Profile Updated). Then when I enter "check full application status" I get nothing new. But since then till now my "current status" is as before (your action is required). It was written in the letter, the documents must be submitted within 30 days. But even after 100 days today, I have not received a rejection. Now the matter can be considered correct? Or fake? Please tell me.

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