Bouncing with Samoans | Adam Pasi | Stand Up Comedy

Comedian Adam Pasi on his favorite part about Samoan culture, the perks of dating plus size women, and his invention: Taco Bell Christmas.

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Adam Pasi is a Portland comic who lies about being from Seattle to confuse his friends on social media. He’s afraid of dolls and loves his mom. Equally

YouTube: @admtpasi


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Written and Performed by Adam Pasi

Executive Producers: Kyle Kazanjian-Amory & Brett Kushner
VP of Production: Marissa Gallant
Live Events Manager: Drew Platt
Co-Directors: Gordie Earle III & Brad Silnutzer
Producer: Jay Bode
Director of Photography: Mark Davis

Gaffer: Michael Tellup
Swing: Dallas Calkins
Cam Operators:
Steve Anson
Angelo Clarizio
Lauren Doyle
Tanner Eck

Editor: Jordan Tetewsky
Assistant Editor: Lucas Bohlinger
Color Correction: Jordan Tetewsky
Sound Recordist: Brandon Loulias
A2: Erik Altstadt & Veronica Kahn
Re-Record Mixer: Ryan Meadows
End Music: Maxwell Phillips

Production Designer: Amelia Brooke
Graphics: Megan Hunter

Production Assistants:
Rachel Bershad
Megan Hunter
Maggie Rosenberg

Photographer: Matt Misisco (

Special thanks to our generous hosts, Movement Warehouse in San Diego, CA


45 thoughts on “Bouncing with Samoans | Adam Pasi | Stand Up Comedy

  1. Yo man, I am Alaskan Native and also come from a small island.
    Constantly seeing 3rd or 4th cousins online.


  2. OK. For real. My mother-in-law has some form of dementia. Not sure which but treating her diabetes may help it. In any event, the "or is it narcissism" hit home. I know he's been there. Brilliant.

  3. wasnt sure about this guy at first. He seemed decent, but not like belly laugh funny. The bouncer material was alright, but it didnt really have any hard hitting punchlines. maybe they were just crowd warmers, idk. i was thinking about clicking off, but i figured "how many Samoan comedians will i ever watch? I gotta support homie, for the culture". So I stuck around, and im glad I did.
    Because he hit a joke about his dad, then turned that into another really clever gag, and from there forward, it was nothing but KILLER material.
    solid comedian, im youtubing more of his content right after i finish this comment.

  4. I'm late on this, but I can't praise everyone at Don't Tell enough for this. Not only am I thrilled with how it came out but the whole experience was one of my favorites since I started comedy

  5. lol hilarious, and… Then before and now once more, I'm bouncing round the room
    That time then and once again, I'm bouncing round the room
    That time then and once again, I'm bouncing round the room
    That time then and once again, I'm bouncing round the room
    That time then and once again, I'm bouncing round the room,

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