Aston Villa make official complaint to UEFA about Legia Warsaw’s behaviour

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Aston Villa have made an official complaint to UEFA after Legia Warsaw fans clashed with police before their Europa Conference League game.

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37 thoughts on “Aston Villa make official complaint to UEFA about Legia Warsaw’s behaviour

  1. Not letting them in, will become eufa standard. Ticket holders included. Until fans start policing themselves. I do feel for the proper and legitimate ticket holding Legia fan, stuck in that freezing car park all night. But something has to be done. Football is a family sport, thats why its massive. UTV

  2. Aston Villa and the police provoked a lot of the riot by penning people into a car park with no information and inhumane conditions. What do you expect to get if you force people into an area without adequate facilities and lock them up like cattle. Legia Warsaw should receive an apology for bad policing which incited action.

  3. Regardless of what caused this there is no good reason to act this way! All football clubs have idiots all nations have idiots but decent human beings shouldn’t act this way simple as! It’s not all Legia fans or all polish fans! It was just some uneducated dickheads that need to grow up!

  4. this is a reaction to the theft of tickets by Aston Villa. The number of tickets was limited and Legia fans were put against the wall. Why was this done? 2,000 tickets were reduced to 800

  5. If we’d have knocked over a patio chair in Warsaw, we’d be banned for a year. This lot were already banned from Bosnia and caused problems in Alkmaar. Their own club refused to collect tickets until after 6pm. Shambolic.

  6. AZ Alkmar and Aston Villa stick together to twist everything round – Knollsy West Ham fan story. They are looking for sacrifice cu.ts now blaming Legia Warsaw fans. They should have beeen banned for attacking West Ham family members and other West Ham fans. They provoked this situation cutting allocated tickets. They know what kind of reaction from Polish fans can expect – but as I said, they want twist everything around for that story with 'Knollsy '. and they need to create sacrifice lambs – Legia Warsaw fans, because they know well, that they are easy to provoke.

  7. Apartheid on the crowds from Villa and AZ sides, we will never fight for anglo-saxon hegemony, Poland and Russian Federation united agaist neonazism in west countries causes by anglo-saxons.

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