Ashleigh Plumptre discusses what it’s like for her to play in the Saudi Women’s Premier League

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Former Leicester player Ashleigh Plumptre swapped the WSL for the Saudi Women’s Premier League in September and spoke to Sky Sports Chief Reporter Kaveh Solhekol about her decision.

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9 thoughts on “Ashleigh Plumptre discusses what it’s like for her to play in the Saudi Women’s Premier League

  1. I think with Rodgers at the helm the league is over , he’s turned a bullet train of a team into a horse and cart , the style of play is torture to watch , January won’t be the magic wand everyone thinks it will be imo 🙁

  2. "I've come over where the women haven't been able to play football as long as me". Yeah, it's called Women's rights, Saudi has very few of them unless you're a celebrity who takes their blood money to shill for them. By all means, take the money, but stop lying to us and yourself about why you're doing it. Same with Gerrard, Hendo, everyone that's gone over there. Say that the pay is good and that's why you're there, not that you're trying to bring change or progress anything because you're all under the governments thumb. People will likely see what's happening in Saudi once you learn the current Crown Prince is considered to have a liberal stance on social issues and that any future successor is likely to revert any of the baby steps progress the region has seen. Saying that, they're still executing the LBGT+ and journalists as well as giving out decades worth of jail time to citizens who criticise the regime online so I'm not sue they'll care much unless it affects their bank accounts.

  3. Fed up of hearing the word project, it’s not a project. It’s the same as the Chinese league, it’s used to garner support for Saudi Arabia and influence, same as boxing and that’s it. Henderson and Gerrard’s club have a few thousand fans, you’re getting more numbers for league 2 games. It’s not going anywhere and won’t ever go anywhere because it’s either a retirement home or a place to make quick and easy money with minimal effort.

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