Arsenal: ‘Let’s draw a line under FA charge’ – Mikel Arteta

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Mikel Arteta has been cleared by an independent Regulatory Commission after he was charged by the FA for his post-match comments after Arsenal’s defeat to Newcastle.

The Arsenal manager was charged with FA rule E3.1 after he criticised the decision to allow Anthony Gordon’s winning goal for Newcastle on November 4 in an interview with Sky Sports.

In his press conference ahead of Arsenal’s game against Brighton, Mike Arteta said that he hopes that a line can be drawn and both parties can move on.

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17 thoughts on “Arsenal: ‘Let’s draw a line under FA charge’ – Mikel Arteta

  1. arteta crumbles under pressure, it baffles me how arsenal could've won against spurs and they wouldve gotten top 4 but they threw it away, one year later they had the title in their hands and they threw it away.

  2. I actually feel uncomfortable watching arsenal being "back" and having high expectations after one fluky title challenge. I wish arsenal won the league last season so that they could go back to their old ways. I miss the arsenal before last season that bottled top 4 and finished 8th thats the arsenal I know and love. I miss arsenals banter era from 2004-2022. and im not a spurs fan by the way

  3. It's cynical gamesmanship from the FA.

    If Arteta was charged the whole incident would have been scrutinised again in minute detail and there would be other egregious decisions against Arsenal aired and chewed over yet again.

    The FA and PGMOL are avoiding scrutiny for their despicable and corrupt actions.

    Don't let the FA and PGMOL get away with this duplicity.

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