Are we starting to see Mauricio Pochettino's Chelsea side take shape? | Back Pages Tonight

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Conor Gallagher’s double and Enzo Fernandez’s late third helped Chelsea to a 3-1 win against Crystal Palace on Monday Night Football.

Andy Dunn and Miguel Delaney discussed the game on ‘Back Pages Tonight’.

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50 thoughts on “Are we starting to see Mauricio Pochettino's Chelsea side take shape? | Back Pages Tonight

  1. Do you watch the game? it doesnt sound like it? CHELSEA were awful! formation ? didnt see any? tactics? didnt see anything. Palmer yes is our best player but poch had him all over the place and not in the position which he is good at. 1 – 3 to a villa who are having abit of a blip and 1 – 3 to a palace who had there best players out and are playing rubbish at the moment. chelsea are the same they have been all season

  2. How many times have we asked this question about Chelsea?! They do what mid table teams do, they win a game or two, then they lose a few, and in the end they're in the middle of the pack because they aren't terrible but they aren't good either.

  3. The top 6 is not too far but knowing how we've been, we literally crumbled to Wolves, so I don't think it's gonna happen.

    That 1st half was shocking and unfortunately drowsiness won the battle against me so I missed the 2nd half.
    But scoring late goals as opposed to conceding late goals like a few weeks ago is the positive I'll take.

  4. We are seeking nothing from poch the second half he charge it but he should of started that team your deluded if you think poch is doing a great job that football in the frist half was crap

  5. Chelsea are playing the most boring football I've ever seen. It is disgraceful if you look at the stats. Chelsea had 78% possession with 4 shots at goal plus 3 on target. They had about 120 attacks with over 100 dangerous attacks. That tells you all you need to know. They are terrible to watch and they are pure pants.

  6. Media are so easy to be swayed. Just becos winning couple games does not mean anything. You can easily lose couple games after this and everything will be here we go again. So boring

  7. Suggestions that Gallagher was wrong to celebrate and comparing him to Rice is beyond pathetic. Rice was literally their captain. Gallagher was never Palace’s asset

  8. Poch is not the guy but we can't fire him at these stage, we haven't really beaten any team above us in the league. The only team we beat was Brighton & that was a struggle. Poch is not doing anything his clueless

  9. Things we know
    1. Chelsea’s transition to the new owners has been plagued with bad decisions and choices.
    2. Chelsea have spent a lot of money to pick up talented but young and inexperienced players. They have potential, not now but in the future.
    3. Chelsea have been hit hard with multiple injuries.
    4. Poch has had to come in and make sense of who he has and what he can do with them.

    Did we expect miracles straight of the bat? Of course. With the players lined up on paper, the manager, it looked like a match made in heaven but reality is very different.

    What concerns me is that Poch is taking an awfully long time to make sense of what he’s got and come up with a first 11 that he can play in their positions and define a shape and strategy.

    What we see is tinkering and experiments which is good and fair but upto a point. Somedays Chelsea come out guns blazing and other days it’s an unrecognisable team. Is Poch to be blamed for the entire thing? No. I think he needs time but how much is the question.

    Transitions are hard in any area and I don’t football is any different. But when we have experienced amazing players, great managers and winning trophies, it’s hard to sit by and go only on hope. Cause that tank is now starting to run dry.

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