Are Manchester City now Premier League champions elect with Haaland and De Bruyne back?

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Dean Ashton and Gareth Ainsworth discussed Manchester City after their win over Everton on Saturday, including how vital Haaland and De Bruyne could prove to be for Pep Guardiola’s squad.

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38 thoughts on “Are Manchester City now Premier League champions elect with Haaland and De Bruyne back?

  1. No, the race is heating up to the max in in 2.5 weeks with just 3 points serpating top three. City off after losing Gundo, Mahrez, KDb injured, Haaland not being ruthless, and Rodri missing games. Arsenal, Liverpool wasted their chances to finish City off. Now City are crawling back, and they are a few games away from starting their juggernaut phase.

  2. Yea may as well give city the title now, no way arsenal or Liverpool are keeping up. Dropping points is just gonna keep happening for them while city are just gonna steam roll everyone else. Happens every year now basically

  3. They haven't had a hard game from mid December till mid February, one game in hand. They played only low part teams during the hardest period in EPL and could grind results easy even with Haaland and De Bruyne injured. Now, with the game in hand and anyone coming back from injury they surely are favorites. Surely all the hard opponent games will be reasonably spaced out for them so that the team is not tired and lose their signature flawlessness. Can't god damn wait for that trial.

  4. City will probably win the league yes….again. I'm a Liverpool fan, so it pains me to say. Liverpool is doing so well considering the squad changes this season. I think they're ahead of schedule, doing better than even they thought they would be. But although they're top, they just look a little less controlled in their games. They look more vulnerable, and more prone to mistakes. City are a machine.

  5. This perception that pep puts the shackles on Grealish is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard. I don’t believe for one minute that pep instructs Grealish to pass sideways and backwards at the rate he does. I’m not sure where Jack fits into the city team now

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂, epl elect? Are we having elections now ? 😂😂😂😂,

    The epl title is not a given. I know everyone picks City as the favourite but we have alot of loopholes and can easily lose this title race.

  7. Once again, modern sky, sports, embarrassing themselves by trying to say Kevin De Bruyne Erling Haaland all the best partnership with ever seen
    A certain Mr Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp would have something to say about that
    When are you going to get back to the respected organisation you once were?

  8. Well certainly SKY will want that …unbelievable levels of Bias in their reporting this year …and never do they want to mention the 115 charges …the Stench of corruption is getting worse each season …Man City are the Lance Armstrong of Football

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