Are Manchester City and Pep Guardiola at a crossroads? | Backpages Tonight

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Have Manchester City come to a crossroads as the dominate force in English domestic football?

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41 thoughts on “Are Manchester City and Pep Guardiola at a crossroads? | Backpages Tonight

  1. KDB & Gundogan are almost impossible replace, they've proved to be two of the best players the PL has seen so City have declined for it. They may be at the end of their phase of dominance. Time will tell.

  2. Probably a similar situation to Liverpool a couple of years ago when they went close to a quadruple! Just too many games and the players are just burnt out this season 😊

  3. I mean seriously who is this guy to question pep tactics they lost one match what a load of utter drivel 🤣 I dont even like m city either but they could easily of won a few of these four matches three draws and lost to a decent vilia team thats it I hope it is something bigger but I very much doubt that it is to be honest 🤣

  4. 115 Charges FC need to be relegated to the 3rd Tier n they ain't buying n cheating their way into tis title n will soon be held accountable for their actions 4 the whole World to see 🌎 … Dark Days incoming for the cheaters 💯 ..

  5. Although I am a Liverpool fan, City will return as soon as De Bruyne returns, because without De Bruyne, Haaland disappears completely. Haaland is waiting for hot balls😂😂

  6. Sky is a joke with the fact Cheat Code isn't making a impact the fact some of the dodgy deal signing left last season haven't made a impact shows how much Sky hide from actual reality PEP is going to do a runner

  7. MCity is declining. Early symptoms for pep to leave similar happen to, when he was at barcelona. Liverpool have quadrupple or treble chances namely uefa epl carabau FA. Arsenal flying high possible as epl champion after decades…

  8. We have this dance every season.
    "City isn't the same anymore.. they lost key players…. cant win without a striker…Arsenal 8 points clear…pep has been found out.."
    By end of the season:
    "Pep is turning PL into farmers league…"

  9. Really, is this conversation cropping up, seriously? Man City are on form to win the league again it’s just other teams have done better than normal . People don’t realise is that’s this is Man City’s toughest month of the season. Bring on the winning streak and shrink the pundits views.

  10. City still wins the league cos it arsenal leading 😂😂😂😂 they always bottle titles 😂😂😂😂😂 ….. If it's Liverpool that's different 😂😂😂but arsenal not not 😂😂😂

  11. Why are people blowing this up.. one loss to villa who played very well and everyone’s losing their minds.. come on why is this news.. pep and city are fine

  12. Who cares footballs rife with pedophile coaches and child abuse and high level corruption from all the top clubs who are owned by oil barons from countries with no human rights it's all supported by wallys who think there hard because they got a knock off stone island jacket

  13. so kalvin phillips and recent injury returnees nunes and kovacic are the tried and tested midfielders at city??..that midfield of kdb gundo and rodri can never be replaced 🙂

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