Are Man Utd keeping the #21 shirt free for De Jong? | Ronaldo still wants to leave after talks

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Cristiano Ronaldo still wants to leave Manchester United following talks with the club this week.

Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes held meetings with United at Carrington on Tuesday, but his position remains unchanged and he wants to play for a club in the Champions League and win major trophies.

United have also announced what shirt numbers new signings Christian Eriksen and Lisandro Martinez will wear this season – and have they hinted that they have one major transfer left to complete this summer?

Eriksen will wear 14 and Martinez 6 for United, despite both having worn the number 21 at Brentford and Ajax respectively last year.

So are United keep the shirt free for the Dutch midfielder?

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39 thoughts on “Are Man Utd keeping the #21 shirt free for De Jong? | Ronaldo still wants to leave after talks

  1. Looks like CR7 could be in his last big club contract. If he ends up at somewhere like sporting could be the last we sae of him except for 3-4 CL games a year.

  2. Better for CR to leave. Then united can get back to the season they finished second. But then no way CR will leave. No other team will buy him. Its just his pride and image when united said will slash 25% of all players salaries. But then united is also desperate and will want to keep him. For CR to stay back, united just have to tell him they wont slash his salary. Everything about him wanting to leave its just mumbo jumbo.

  3. This saga is similar to the Sneijder saga. Nothing will happen. I guarantee it. That 21 is going to someone else. Fabrizio said United are 100% signing a big money striker. They haven't, they won't

  4. Whats good about De Jong? United keeps tracking him so many days and yet still a barcelona player, even De Jong joins United, still fail to win a trophy, forget it

  5. He’s playing UCL. No doubt about it. Man U will win the first 3 games of the season since they’re easy matches. Then get embarrassed vs Arsenal & Liverpool. Then everyone will realize why he wanted out

  6. Same story everyday..Dhamesh says broad agreement or a deal in principal for de Jong…same story about de Jong about being happy and owed so much money…plz just leave that de Jong deal and get Ruben neves

  7. It's sad really, he was part of the club when we were going to Europa League, why is he acting like we wasn't playing. he also failed to pull the team back to the champions league. It's a team sport. He must grow up. Really now.

  8. Done with The Joker , wasting time on him & lost my interest with CR7. Both are testing EHT’s patience . Dump both & go buy any1 worth coming to Reds.

    Forget the agreed with Barca , thy are dragging the feet to sell & the other has to honour his 12 mths contract . Both are behaving like a naughty kids

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