Are England a team to be feared at Euro ’24? | Andy Brassell on key European football talking points

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European football expert Andy Brassell joined Sky Sports News to discuss the key talking points across the European qualifying fixtures so far and if the rest of Europe will fear England ahead of Euro 2024 despite a disappointing last couple of fixtures for Gareth Southgate’s side.

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35 thoughts on “Are England a team to be feared at Euro ’24? | Andy Brassell on key European football talking points

  1. England might be a team to fear for smaller European nations but the big boys like Germany, Spain, Italy, France (national squads that actually win trophies) know that England can never handle the pressure. It’s not a coincidence the English haven’t been able to win anything in generations, not even when gifted hosting privileges and playing a final on home soil

  2. My theory is that the PL (where most of the English team play) is less about individual flare and more about tactics, the system and fundamentals. International football is all about individual moments and when you look at other leagues (where other nations have more players) they still have this galactico mindset and more of a focus on moments.

  3. it's not true no one fear england and england national team player they fear themself and they don't believe they can win because history will explaine since longTime england moral are not ready to smile

  4. None of the big teams will fear England when our backline is so exploitable. Maguire is an absolute calamity waiting to happen, and if Kane happens to have an off day, we have no real goal threat.

  5. they tie against north macedonia, why would they be scary they dont even have players that scare any top team. its always this talk and euro you fail world cup you fail.shut up with this nonsense youre nothing

  6. Wat a nonsense statement to make England are not a team to fear at the euros next as Southgate doesn't know how to release the handbrake also only plays his favourites they were lucky to beat Malta and maccedonia over the the last two games. and when they do come up against better teams like France or Spain he doesn't have the tactical nouce to beat those nations Southgate out 10:33

  7. English football is a joke because of the English way, everyone who has any interest in football knows that the English team are good enough to win any competition they play in but they have Gareth Southgate as their manager and that’s why they will never win anything. So imho, no they’re not worth worrying about, but they should be. They just need a manager who is prepared to take a risk if they’re winning,or losing. Yet they haven’t, and so, they’re just dull like their manager. But that’s just my opinion✌🏼✊🏼😊 to all the countries who are worthy to deserve it 13:25🙄

  8. England is great team, but poor mentality istalled by shy Gate makes England less effective in big matches. I mean they normally bottle in thos important matches. Let see if i m right

  9. It's not feared at all😅., with the selection of Southgate 😊 you can't go anywhere., watch out france🇫🇷 Portugal 🇵🇹 Spain 🇪🇸.., if southgate chooses squad according to performances he will compete in the highest level but if he continues choosing people he likes he will end up no where 😅😊

  10. When Southgate is your manager lol no one will fear England!! They know how defensive England will be and crap tactics he will use lol Quarter Final we will get knocked out! I bet Southgate will stay for the World Cup too lol Unluckly England fans

  11. Gavi z injury is a result of poor management from Barca
    I wish they see how Guardiola manages those younger players
    You should not give them many minutes
    There minutes have be managed
    There bodies are still young, weak and growing 😢

  12. To be honest, being a Netherlands fan and being in pot 3, I'm not that worried who we get from pot 1. First off, 16/24 teams will go through the group stage, and look what happened with Portugal. They got a rather easy run compared to most in 2016 for ending up 3rd in the group with 3 draws.

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