Are Aston Villa Premier League title contenders?

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The Mirror’s Darren Lewis & The Independent’s Miguel Delaney discuss Aston Villa’s title chances after they defeated Arsenal to move within 2 points of first place Liverpool.

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43 thoughts on “Are Aston Villa Premier League title contenders?

  1. My god the media love Saka don’t they?! ‘Carried Arsenal for a few seasons’.

    He’s a good player, not in that top tier for me yet (wouldn’t get in my current World XI). Yes I said yet…! And Arteta refuses to rotate him when he’s played a crazy number of games the the last 18 months.

  2. Here’s a novel concept – managers and players say what they feel in a grown up and professional way rather than like a cry baby. The issue isn’t suppressing comments, it’s making them in a mature way. Not many in football are capable as they have emotional immaturity. Compare to rugby etc

  3. Why wouldn’t they be in the title race. They probably have a slightly better squad than Leicester did at this time 8 years ago so they could very well challenge until the end although I dont think they’ll win it but who knows.

  4. They are on great form, but don't have the quad depth to lead a sustained title charge all season. Especially with European football. They have struggled in every league game after a conference league game. That being said, i would love to see them hold onto the top 4!

  5. Over 2ppg across 38 games in charge for Unai. We have been consistently good for a year now. I can’t see where it falls apart to be honest. We won’t win the league but top four is a realistic possibility.

  6. Villa fan.. as good as that talk is. I don't think we are quite at that point yet. Would be nice but this season ill take top 4 and keep pushing that 10 year plan the owners had which is on target so far. Still a long way to go yet.

  7. The stats since emery has come in at the very least can put Villa in the top 4 this full season. If a bit of luck maybe keep fighting, let’s see towards the end of the season.

  8. I said it from the start of this season, Villa will be a problem. They have an elite coach, made good signings in the summer. Diaby, Torres are good enough to play in city, lfc and arsenal team. I expectthem to win conference league and finish top 4.

  9. You got world cup winning goalkeeper that says they can do it and you have a manager that has won Europa League 3 years in a row

    They clearly have a winning mentality and they are 2nd in the league based off the last 38 games played not just the past 16 games there not just on random lucky run.

    I feel like it could be a special season am no villa fan but if they did the unthinkable I'll be cheering them on ahead of man city 🤢

    They clearly should go for it in the January sales 😆 even if they don't win the league more important is champions League football they clearly have enough to get top 4 there's only really man utd and spurs that can challenge them for the 4th spot and man utd look like there not improving anytime soon my money would be on spurs and villa for the 4th champions league spot.

    Champions league football guarantees the club around 50mil if you have a half decent group stage. Man City made 111mil in prize money that's excluding tv revenue and gate receipts.

    Condering Aston Villa latest financial statement for 2022 showed the club made £176.08m a champions League run would be a huge boost for them.

  10. the british media are so funny. arsenal bossed that match and were unlucky to not score. but ofc now theyll call villa title contenders lol. theyve had 0 injuries too using the least amount of players

  11. Let's not forget that in the 2023 calendar year, Aston Villa are 2nd after 38 games. They 100% have to be considered in the title race, but don't have that 'big club' vibe. Poor from the pundits

  12. It's not like our form is a fluke or happened recently!! This form has been instant since Emery's took over (over a year now) we're one of the leagues highest goal scorer's, our defence has perfected our high line, catching attackers offside constantly, EVERY single player has dramatically improved, we've turned our home ground into an absolute fortress winning 15 consecutive league games, even though we have very wealthy owners we've spent exceptionally well in the transfer market, not paying extortionate money for over valued players!! Whilst using the free agent market extremely well (signing kamara and Tielemens) when each player would've at least been worth easily between 40-60 million. Every player we've signed has strengthened the team and hit the ground running!! There is countless examples of positive things that catorgoricly proves that Aston Villa are not only on the up but are here to stay!!!

  13. They are playing brilliantly and deserve their current league position, I don't see them as genuine title contenders yet though, lots of games to play. I think they will get vertigo from being so high up the table and will drop off the pace. I would be amazed if they finish the season inside the top 6

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