Anti-doping prosecutors in Italy have requested a maximum four year ban for Paul Pogba

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Anti-doping prosecutors in Italy have requested a maximum four-year ban for Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba following his positive doping test.

Pogba opted not to make a plea bargain with Italy’s anti-doping agency, meaning the case will be tried before the country’s anti-doping court.

Four-years is the standard ban under the World Anti-Doping Code but can be reduced in cases where an athlete can prove it was not intentional, was the result of contamination, or if they can provide “substantial assistance” to help investigators.

Pogba’s positive test was announced in September, stemming from an exam that was carried out after Juventus’ game at Udinese on August 20 – a game in which Pogba was an unused sub.

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50 thoughts on “Anti-doping prosecutors in Italy have requested a maximum four year ban for Paul Pogba

  1. It’s looking like the witch doctor Pogba’s brother used against him has taken effect.!?
    Because for the last two & half years this man has had nothing but very bad luck!

  2. He played around with his career. Poor choices, it's a worning to other players like rashford or similar. Who lean towards the media, which is a dangerous move. As anyone can see the media are fickle, only interested in players who grab the headlines. Once your down that's where you'll stay..

  3. Pogba stated facts when he said united fans know very little about football, they expect a player to be consistent when the club itself has been inconsistent since 2013 and won zero major trophies, pogba biggest mistake was wasting his time and years at a midtable club that wasn’t serious about winning major trophies

  4. All comments hating and acting like they know what actually happened. This could’ve been an accident. Some supplements might’ve had ingredients or something. Either way this is sad as he’s one of the greatest players I’ve ever seen. Since I was little one of my fav players. Big loss for football if his career is being ended like this.

  5. What an idiot and a disappointing career. You had such a potential and just had the wrong attitude in so lazy to even try and perform properly, especially at Man United

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