Ange Postecoglou says that he won’t budge on his plan as Spurs manager

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Ange Postecoglou says that he has a plan to get Tottenham where they need to be and that he will not budge from it despite their current form.

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32 thoughts on “Ange Postecoglou says that he won’t budge on his plan as Spurs manager

  1. Not that he won't..He can't!
    Media darling is too proud to rewind back on his words of pride ..
    That would make him lose his "man of beliefs" image on the media

  2. Daniel levy must take a huge amount of blame, our squad is not good enough to compete, and he sold Harry kane and replaced him with Brennan Johnson….
    People laughing at Ange, how many clubs can cope with the amount of injuries spurs have, especially to important players like maddison and vdv

  3. No need to change his plan. Spuds are sinking towards mid-table like a brick in a swimming pool.

    Mid-table or lower is their natural home.

    I predict that even with the 10 point deduction Everton will finish above Spuds this season.

  4. His stubbornness and not wanting to adapt knowing the situation we are in will cost his job. I know its too early no matter how attractive football we play but if we keep losing like this he will be sack in no time knowing what kind of person Daniel levy is. I have no hope we are getting any win in next 5 game if we are jammy we'll get one more draw…coys.

  5. This is how I know pundits and fans don't watch games, the first goal Spurs conceded was from a Romero clearance that hit Hojberg and deflected to a west ham player. The second goal was a bad backpass from Udogie, literally nothing to do with playing a 'high line'.

  6. It’s fine not wanting to adapt but people need to realise he’s not a top manager. Any manager worth anything are able to adapt, and this guy is flat out refusing to even try. Some call it stubbornness, some say fair play, but he’s going to struggle massively either way

  7. high line with 9 men has to be the dumbest tactic ive ever seen, if ou have 9 men ALWAYS park the bus sit in a super low block and make sure all 9 men never leave the 6 yard box

  8. money obsessed daniel levy and egotistical son are totally to blame for spurs being a joke not Postecoglou. Ange wanted to bring Japanese international Kyogo with him when he signed spurs contract from Celtic to improve attacking line up but south korean son due to anti-Japanese sentiment whined to levi to block it.
    tl;dr spurs is a joke cult more interested in personal glory and marketing than winning actual tournaments

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