Ange Postecoglou bemoans use of VAR and ‘constant erosion of referees’ authority’

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After Tottenham’s 4-1 loss to Chelsea, Spurs head coach Ange Postecoglou shares his feelings on the VAR system.

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00:00 – ‘Are you proud of the players left on the pitch?’
00:50 – James Maddison injury update
01:05 – Sending offs
01:45 – ‘Excessive VAR checks have becoming the norm’
03:10 – ‘You can’t tell me refs are in control’
03:26 – ‘There isn’t a great call to go back to refs decisions’
04:55 – ‘I was taught you grow up and respect the officials’

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24 thoughts on “Ange Postecoglou bemoans use of VAR and ‘constant erosion of referees’ authority’

  1. he is right, you can't complain about wrong ref's decisions and then complain about VAR for making sure the decision is corect, you have to choose a side

  2. He’s totally right. Train the refs properly, give them a decent salary and get rid of VAR. if you can afford to pay players 200k a week then you can afford to pay refs that in a year

  3. Ange is deflecting with his team throwing away 3 points last night. I wonder if he moaned to Romero and Udogie about how poorly managers great VAR? Why’s he siding with VAR over managers in the first place it’s weird.
    He needs to focus on not playing one dimensional football. He’s basically Bielsa with a better squad

  4. You can tell he's not happy 😂😂😂, he was like these things happen when it happened to Liverpool and now he sounds bitter 😂😂😂😂deal with it 😂😂

  5. The PL Clubs had a chance to challenge PGMOL when VAR operators made a huge human error or mistake, but they criticised Liverpool instead of coming together and discuss how to improve VAR.
    Arteta will complain now, Man U will complain, Tottenham will complain. The Only CLUB that will benefit from officiating decision or VAR will be MANCHESTER CITY. When Liverpool were challenging Man City for the title, in each of last 5 seasons, Liverpool had lost 6-9points because bad refereeing or wrong VAR decisions which went against Liverpool. Last year, it happened to Arsenal. This year, it happened to Liverpool and Arsenal and Tottenham will have 2 bad calls in the next 5 games, they will start to complain. On the other hand, City will benefit from every refereeing or VAR decisions. At the end of the season, both Arsenal, liverpool or Tottenham will have 6-9 points because of bad refereeing or VAR decisions. City wins the title."

    This is what i said before the kick off, I was right. It happens, don't criticise now. This guy got free 3 points from Liverpool game, benefitted from VAR and now he is crying😂😂😂

  6. Love the fact Ange has backed the officials. There has to be some level of a wind up to Arteta's opinion. The decisions usually level out during the season anyway. VAR needs to be scrapped with technology available for goal line calls only.

  7. It is not "disrespectful" to hold referees to account, just like we expect a certain standard from doctors, pilots, Accountants etc, referees are not above criticism. These are trained professionals. If we criticize the players, coaches, owners, fans we can most certainly criticize the performance of referees and so should coaches without the fear of being punished. They are not above criticism

  8. I'm happy about how the round is going around. When it doesn't affect you it's fine, but when it does, you go shjekkennabejekkenendmdm. Wolves vs Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, now Spurs.😂😂😂

  9. It's the same in cricket. Umpires don't call no balls, judge runouts etc and that ball tracking has the ball doing crazy things. 30 minutes a day taken up with 3rd umpire decisions then players get fined for slow over rates.

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