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  1. The Age of Consent in Denmark is 15.
    Howevet people in position of authority, such as teachers, can not have relations with those under 18.

    The idea is that a 15 year old has plenty of self will.

  2. I’ve been waiting for so long for this video to come back to me because I didn’t want to look up what the “classifications” were and was also too nervous to search “Gianmarco ____phile joke”

  3. Lemme just step back for a sec.

    You can’t listen to someone’s songs because of what they’ve done? What about Michael Jackson’s music, or MrKitty’s?

    My point is that listening to music doesn’t mean supporting the actions of an artist.

  4. Yes indeed. This is why the prophet Muhammed was not a pedophile.

    Weirdly, however, I've never encountered a muslim using the defence of saying that Muhammad was actually a hebephile. Maybe they're just assuming the rest of us won't know ehat the word means.

  5. no listen this guy is speaking facts. you're either someone very particular with word definitions (like me) or a straight-up actual p/dophile. there is no in-between 😅😭🤧

  6. You know honestly what Nico said in the beginning about JoJo, being the most influential piece of Japanese media, ever.. it’s just kind of true. Like seriously this manga/anime’s reach is so far and vast, It is honestly kind of absurd which I suppose is fitting.

  7. Its also very hard to bring up the destinction between pedophile, child predator, and child molester

    i think it would do us as a society some good to be able to have these conversations without labeling eachother as pedophiles because it is important to be able to talk about something to be able to improve it

  8. Science has proved that people’s brains can have traits of a different gender and that it’s perfectly reasonable to identify as a different gender, and as a member of the lgbtqia+ I’m disappointed in the level of incompetence of these representatives.

  9. i think these distinctions are so useful though. like yes they are all bad but someone who does something with a 3 yr old is significantly worse than someone who does something with a 17 year old.

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