All-Electric School Busses Are Here!

A Autralian company is working on converting 10.000 school buses to battery power over the next 5 years. This is a huge deal and if you don’t know what I mean by that – stay tuned!
While converting a Porsche 356C to electric power might be a challenge, with the fact that there’s precious little room for batteries, converters, and such, converting a school bus is just as easy as falling off a log. A bus has acres of space for batteries and the electronics needed to power an electric motor.
One of the not-so-smart ideas human beings ever came up with was sealing school children inside a diesel-powered bus for the trip to and from school. Among other things, fine particulates in the exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine have been shown to lower cognitive function. Whose bright idea was it to make school kids walk through a cloud of diesel fumes twice a day when those same fumes make it harder for them to learn?
Help may be on the way. SEA Electric, a provider of electric commercial vehicles originally from Australia and now based in Los Angeles has struck a deal with Midwest Transit Equipment to convert 10,000 existing school buses to electric vehicles over the next five years. Midwest will provide the buses to be converted to the SEA Drive propulsion system. SEA Electric will complete the conversions using its “extensive network of up-fitting partners,” Nick Casas, vice president of sales and marketing for SEA Electric, says in a press release.
After the conversions are completed, the electric buses will have a vehicle to grid (V2G) capability that will allow them to help balance the local electrical grid and “smart charge” when electricity prices are lowest. The school buses to be converted are of the US school bus class Type A or Type C. Type A is the smallest US school bus with a length of 6 to 7.5 meters and is based on a van chassis. The traditional Type C school buses are built on truck architectures.


21 thoughts on “All-Electric School Busses Are Here!

  1. The busses and all other ways of preserving the planet are good, including this one. The next project that must be done quickly, is to change our ways of generating electricity to solar, wind, and water, in order to have the total cycle pollution free. Ideas put into practice like this one are great, but we have to go all the way to really make a difference.
    Although not totally related to the video here are some eco ideas we can all practice every day from now on.
    1. Start using soda fountains where you get your personal reusable bottle filled, then ban sodas, juices, and water in plastic bottles. This technology alone would save possibly billions of tons in waste and is already used all over.
    2. Go back to using wax paper for wrapping sandwiches as this will eventually go back to nature. Ban plastic sandwich bags.
    3. Grocery stores should only be allowed to offer cloth, or back to nature plastic bags for customers that forget their own.
    4. Solar, wind, and water based electrical power generation should all be developed before any other less Eco friendly sources would be allowed.
    5. Now buildings can be built at any level without using wood, we should convert all housing and other construction to these products, and stop cutting down trees.
    6. We must start buying electric vehicles from bikes to cars, pickups, and SUV's. Also get solar panels on your vehicle. Even if it only gets you a few miles per day it all adds up to that much less pollution from coal and nuclear power generation stations.
    7. All maritime vessels should be fully equipped with solar panels and/or bladeless turbines that would help supplement or replace the power used from diesel generators. If a large vessel becomes totally free of polluting fuels great, but in the meantime any percentage we can reduce should be done.
    Now also use wind power including the use of a big free floating large air sail, and maybe regular masts and sails. Now use these to reduce even the electricity needed, making solar and wind recharging more likely without diesel.
    8. With solar, water, and wind generated power getting cheaper, and with batteries now available with much better storage capacities, and at much cheaper prices than before, we must all convert our homes and shops. This will stop massive amounts of coal and nuclear pollution along with the diesel used to mine and transport it.
    9. Build huge skyscraper style buildings all over for farming only, and then convert much of the agriculture into aquaponics, and hydroponics, then grow food products on all floors. This would allow multiple crops to be grown in the same buildings year round. These buildings will have a 24/7/365 regulated indoor climate creating way more food yield per area of land, per year. Conversion to this new way of growing should one day replace most land use for food production, then we can let some areas go back to nature. This is more than is possible with todays natural growth, due to seasonal considerations and the fact the earth has only has one floor to grow on.
    Since available area for agriculture is almost used up, we must make more somehow, and upward or underground are the only two ways I can think of.
    10. This is very important. WE MUST immediately set a population cap on earth and start imposing a one child law on all areas over that amount of density. In short the biggest threat to our existence is the massive consumption of resources to support us all. We need a one child law world wide, that is automatic once this density is reached. It must be enforced.
    11. We all must vote Green world wide before it is too late. Look around and see all the weather getting ever more erratic as we continue to pollute. In a very few years it will be too late. Voting Green now is something we all can do at every level, in every election, in every part of the world. This will make a difference, as it will not only get concerned people in elected positions, but will scare politicians from other parties into getting greener in order to stay elected.
    Above all please remember this, a mass shift in voting is one thing that will get much attention in political circles.

  2. Ask any first responders in the nation if electric school buses are a good idea. They'll tell you about all the people being electrocuted to death in accidents. They'll tell you they they have to stand back from the vehicle until a specialist comes to ground it because touching it could kill you and everyone inside. How will they deal with injured screaming children in the bus as they wait hours to disarm it?

  3. This is cool but I’m good I’ll keep
    Driving my diesel Thomas HD rear engine. a bus that’s predictable and one I know I can take on long field trips and get back safely you can keep the electric bus stuff

  4. Putting batteries in THE ROOF and to the side at the rear has got to be the dumbest design ever conceived. just asking for a rollover on every left turn. just go with a skateboard like the smart kids. Sounds like the designers rode diesel busses their whole lives crapping that out. 🤦‍♀️

  5. I see the potential advantage of battery electric school busses. But batteries are still a major issue in that they are extremely heavy, expensive and still do not provide the extended un-refueled range the diesel buses do. I still have concerns with uncontainable thermal events (fires) in that when they happen, they spread very rapidly and engulf the entire bus and are extremely difficult to put out.

    The other issue, the big batteries contain multi thousands of individual components. From the individual battery cells to all the structures to enclose, connect and manage the batteries themselves.

    For the foreseeable future, the time required to recharge the large battery packs in busses is going to remain an issue. Your not going to see 10 to 20 minutes full recharge times any time soon.

    However, for limited range applications (75 to 200 miles a day) with fleet Home Base charging infrastructure and electrical capacity sufficient to support the daily use of these buses, I see them in a very positive light and hope to see them being deployed in larger and larger numbers.

  6. These batteries are extremely toxic to the environment from
    Mining to manufacture to use to disposal. They are also largely charged by non renewable energy making them less efficient than internal combustion engines plus they cost much more to purchase and maintain and replace. When defective they burn explosively and uncontrollably.

    Solar panels and wind turbines are also very toxic to the environment – much more than natural gas and hydrogen fuel.

  7. Lmao I never had a problem learning while riding on a diesel school bus. Electric isn’t there yet! City of Edmonton, Alberta 🇨🇦 is getting rid of their electric transit busses as they don’t run in the cold and they are constantly having down time for repairs and issues!

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