Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for attack on Somalia military base

The attack targeted troops at the General Gordon Military Base. Four Emirati soldiers and a Bahraini officer were killed. The United Arab Emirates confirmed the attack, saying it had been training soldiers from the Somali Armed Forces as part of a bilateral agreement.

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5 thoughts on “Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for attack on Somalia military base

  1. It wasnt those guys. They emirates are backing ethiopia to annex our territories. Then the idiot commander was talking down on somali enlisted men about them being slaves and mercenaries. His own bodyguard killed them. One of them was the top man for uae armies in yemen and somalia.

  2. If it is not a joke, where will the Emirates get the military experience to train the Somali Forces? Really! If they have the weapons, why not just hand it to the Somalis. What military experience does Emirate got over the Somalia? The Taliban, the El shabab and the Houthis, do you really know them? Don't you see what is happening in Gaza? What a joke?Lord Have Mercy on us.

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