Africans living in China share success stories

Many Africans who have lived, studied or worked in China say the experience helped them acquire new skills, knowledge and a broader global mindset.

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8 thoughts on “Africans living in China share success stories

  1. 😂 Africans living in China never gets to share their racial profiling stories. Such stories will never be shared on their media, just check out Weibo and see how these people hate the black skins! You think racism is in America? Wait till you live amongst Chinese. Black skin is a "curse" to them!

  2. Wow!
    Interesting stories. I'm glad Raymond Eyo and Dr Yasser are willing to take home their knowledge and experience in developing their respective motherland.

    Raymond Eyo is such an inspiration to me and many other youths in Nigeria.

    I wish them the best!!

  3. Now, there is a high unemployment rate in China because many young Chinese graduates can't find good jobs. If Africans come to China, they will face hardship due to language and job opportunity. India speaks English. So India and Europe are good choices to go though. 😄

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