African in diaspora dismayed by Trump's alleged 'shithole' remarks

African diaspora communities in the United States are also reacting with alarm and dismay after the reports of vulgar comments made by President Donald Trump. Our Washington Correspondent Daniel Ryntjes has more…

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29 thoughts on “African in diaspora dismayed by Trump's alleged 'shithole' remarks

  1. Africa you are a beautiful people but until there are planes, trains, automobiles, ships and tanks built in your country then you will keep getting bullied by the military elite.

  2. If she is part of a diaspora, it means that she either fled or was driven from her home country. Which means something was wrong with her country. Why is she crying that Trump called out the country she had to leave? This is all phony. Chinese people in the Chinese diaspora do not make themselves a victim when Trump calls out China. They support him for being on their side. And stop making this about race because insensitive comments are issued against

  3. Ethnic epithets are spoken against all people by all other people. Black people make foolish and very ignorant comments about my ethnicity all the time. It's not only whites that do it. That woman in the video knew full well that Trump's words were against a country's government, not against her. It was a phony liberal media video with actors faking pain.

  4. But there are shithole countries. The argument about whether it is correct or not is down to identifying what countries (or even more specifically what parts of what counties) are shitholes, and at what point in time they are that… and how long that has continued for.

  5. Why are you in America? If your country is so nice go back there…. Trump is right… shithole countries… Africa is a shithole… I live in South africa and it is absolutely a shithole… most corrupt, most crime and most rape in the world….

  6. Horseshit, there’s a reason why her or her parents decided to get the fuck out of her country. And it is because most African countries are in fact shit. She’s done crying on TV and has gone back to not giving a fuck what happens over here. The vast majority of Africans are suffering due to bad politicians. What Africa has is mostly potential to be great, but is often retarded by poor leaders.

  7. Africa is a shithole. Always was a shithole and always will be a shithole. And btw nobody NOBODY is breaking their necks to move to that shithole. Everyone is breaking their necks to get out of that shithole

  8. Awww are you dismayed
    Fuck your dismay
    And your fake ass tears
    Yiu contributing fuckall to America
    Yiu contribute nothing to any country
    I'm dismayed at seeing your face and hearing your bullshit

  9. The Haitian government is borderline corrupt, they’ve done absolutely nothing morally righteous nor forward thinking since they abolition of slavery, Haiti is overflowing with waste and poverty, no one is going on vacations to shite-hole countries.

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