Aaron Ramsdale’s dad criticises Mikel Arteta for the way his son was dropped at Arsenal

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Aaron Ramsdale’s father has criticised Mikel Arteta for the way he’s handled the goalkeeping situation at Arsenal after his son was dropped for David Raya.

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31 thoughts on “Aaron Ramsdale’s dad criticises Mikel Arteta for the way his son was dropped at Arsenal

  1. Where Arteta will fail as a manager,if he hasn’t already, is his man management skills. This is proved during every game when he prances up and down the side line like a total mad man. He needs to grow up.

  2. His 4got arteta the one who make him shine b4 arsenal ramsdale was a average keeper now his dad think he’s David seaman what you going on tele talking about the boss and ramsdale business for you gunna regret that wrong move all together his dad need say out off club biz and ramsdale gunna get sold for this his dad cross the line

  3. I don't think this will make his situation any better. We all love Aaron these comments won't do any good for Arsenal and Mikel this is unneccessary on this point as it will only keep exaggerating entire situation.

  4. If you heard about ramsdale journey you would know that it's not good what arteta is doing….early in his career he was rejected because he was small but he bounced back only for a hypocritical manager to do it again

  5. Doesn't help the Spanish connection with raya with mikel ramsdale has to bite the bullet guy game from bottom league side it's not gonna be all plain sailing at a huge club end of day I feel for him a little considering no club has two top goalies but hey ho benched probs on 100k or more

  6. When Ramsdale was related with others clubs where was his dad, who is now speaking as if Arsenal FC is his family affair. Let him go to hell with his sentiment. Ur son is not d first.

  7. I saw the podcast. His dad didn't complain about him being on the bench. What he said was he doesn't understand it. He actually said we have to be behind Raya. Oh my God, the media! Unbelievable!

  8. Skysports and media outlets: 'oh pgmol poofters….refs, var we look stupid with the Newcastle vs Arsenal game and Arteta speaking out'.
    Let's rerun the ramsdale/Raya narrative again'….

  9. I hope Ramsdale move to Chelsea. He's far too good a keeper to be a bench warmer or cup keeper. Arteta is so fickle and ruthless with some players with very little reasoning or communication.

  10. Its a nonsense interview, but its not like Raya has been a revelation. Arteta has wasted time, money and risks upset for no gain. We need a bloody striker and he pisses around messing up the GK situation….Very poor from Arteta

  11. That's my point , let him make mistakes and Arteta dropped him, I will understand. He just dropped him like that, I felt bad for Ramsdele, he doesn't deserve what he is going through right now .

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