A22 Sports unveil new format for European club competitions in men’s and women’s football

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A22 Sports – the company behind a European Super League – unveil their new format for European club competitions in men’s and women’s football.

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27 thoughts on “A22 Sports unveil new format for European club competitions in men’s and women’s football

  1. I'm more interested in how many envelopes have been passed under the table for this to happen. I think Spanish prosecuters, if they weren't corrupt, should take a look at Florentino Perez' financial dealings.

  2. This is just sad for football!

    Imagine English clubs who just celebrated having to play 1 game less per round in domestic cups hearing they might play a possible 14 more in a new tournament.

    We could see a club play 4-5 games a week just to satisfy the pockets of the highly placed, think about the number injuries football will have? It’s at an all time high already, now, what’ll that be when this kicks in?


  3. Lovely format…but i have to ask how many clubs are there in the european union….how do we determine who is going to participate…genuine questions….because this clubs seem few but a beautiful idea

  4. While I dont agree with the Super League. The EPL(PGMOL), UEFA and FIFA lets not forget have their own corruptions and still do have their corruptions despite what happened with Blatter and Platini in the past. Though their corruption is okay because we know them better and we forget what they have done and what they plan to do in the not so distant future.

    Call out this Super League, yes, but do the same for UEFA and FIFA also. But no that will be brushed under the carpet because we have known them for so long and it will ruin football, please, football has already been ruined, its just a slower process.

  5. 2 teams relegated every year… literally the likes of shaktar and Braga, no jeopardy.

    Liverpool Madrid PSG City will forever be in top league no matter what happens domestically…

  6. A22 sports is the promotion Barcelona and Real Madrid are using to push through the super league.

    There is no real competition in the rest of Europe if we’re being completely honest.
    The only league that’s exciting and competitive is the premier league, which is why 6 clubs from the PL would have been part of the original ‘founding 12’. The reason why the other big teams (outside of PL teams) is pushing is to have some form of competition. Let’s not ruin our beautiful game.

  7. Can be better if they increase the number of teams being relegated for the Star and Gold league like at least 4 teams. For the blue league they should make it that the teams will change yearly based on domestic league position so only the top 4 promoted teams in the blue league can play European football again next season. They still need to address a lot of things like who will start in star league,gold league and blue league. For the inaugural season maybe like top two teams will make star league. 3rd and 4th will be gold league and 5th and 6th go to blue league.

  8. When I read the comments, the only "fans" that support this are the plastics from India and Nigeria who don't spend any money. Counterfeit shirts and illegal streaming, anyone?

  9. When clubs finish outside of traditional European places or worse get relagated from their domestic leagues but someome manage to survive relagation from one of their 3 tier super league, that will be the end of european domestic leagues for good. Lets say chelsea who will be in star league get relagated from the premier league, avoid relagation from star league as its only 2 relagated from 16 teams.. they will keep star league status and keep generating huge revenue the following season despite being in the efl championship.. and lets say girona win la liga, they will be a champion of a major european league yet only get in 3rd tier blue league along with another new 19 clubs. Despite possibly finishing above real and barca domestically they could find themselves 2 european promotions away from sitting at the same table as them on the european stage.. and lets not forget real and barca could field reserve teams in la liga to focus on midweek super league and both get relagated but their status as european powerhouses will remain due to their chances of ever getting relagated from star league being next to non, especially if they run it.. this makes the purpose of promotion and relagation, being crowded champions domestically obsolete as long as you avoid relagation in Europe.. eventually this will kill domestic football and its purpose, kill grass roots as there will be no lower leagues to even look down at and create closed shop american style franchise league like the nfl.

    But lets point fingers at uefa for getting rid of the boring group stages and god forbid they take 50% of the revenue when european football wouldn't be where it is today without them governing it 😅

    This is all because florentino perez is jealous of premier league revenue and even his historical real madrid can't keep up with the average premier league club in the market. He is trying to have a piece of the premier league pie and kill the premier league whilst he is at it

  10. All this money can be pumped into a new competition which will benefit all the huge European sides, yet no one could spare some change to stop Bury, Staines Town, East Thurrock United, FC Dnipro, Macclesfield Town, or Worcester City going bust.

  11. This model is even worse than the initial one. It will undermine all current competitions from domestic leagues to CL, Eroupa and Conference league all at once because it will be all in one with 3 winners and still have the same competitor's except 2 are guaranteed participating every year.

  12. The Super League is like a group of spoilt, self-entitled kids in a school. who have a vastly inflated impression of their own popularity, who arrange a party, where they invite all the kids who are considered cool and popular, plus they may allow a handful of the less cool and popular kids into it, but most of them aren't invited.

    However, the self-appointed cool, popular kids then discover how popular they really are, when hardly anyone wants to attend their shitty little party!

    And by the way, I am no fan of the Premier League, just in case any of the plastics, who haven't a clue how real fans think assume that. Many of them seem to think that only Premier League fans are opposed to the ESL! That is how out of touch they are! Yes, let's get rid of the laughably and inaccurately named, Champions League, Europa League and Conference Leagues _ _ _ _ _ and re-instate the European, UEFA and European Cup Winners Cups, with their knock out formats!

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