A look at the history of the Oromo Liberation Army

The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has been battling the Ethiopian government on and off for decades. But the Ethiopian government now appears ready to negotiate with the rebel group. Let’s take a look at the history of the conflict.

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11 thoughts on “A look at the history of the Oromo Liberation Army

  1. The Oromos are in power, and they still think they are marginalized. I don't know how and who marginalizes the Oromos in today's Ethiopia. In the name of fighting for freedom, the armed group killed and evicted thousands of other ethnic minority groups from Wollega and many other areas of Oromia region. I am just wondering what these so called negotiations are going to bring about.

  2. Ola get out of our country who do you think you are. Ethiopia 🇪🇹 will live and prsoper for ever. We dont bow down to terrorists ps we have never been colonzied any country or terrosit group suck on that to OLA. PEACE ✌️ 😂😂 THE ETHIOPIA ARMY IS THE STRONGEST ARMY EVER

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