A group of U.S. lawmakers want South Africa punished for alleged support of Russia

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers asked the Biden administration to punish South Africa. The lawmakers allege South Africa supports Russia in its conflict with Ukraine. The request also seeks to have a major trade conference scheduled to be held in South Africa this year, moved to another country.

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22 thoughts on “A group of U.S. lawmakers want South Africa punished for alleged support of Russia

  1. The US trying to hold on its hegemonic dominance by sabotaging the BRICS Summit in South Africa. Will not go over well with Black voters in America. Would like to know which lawmakers signed the letter. They do not deserve to be reelected. Do as Russia has done South Africa. Find other buyers for your exports.

  2. Gone are those days when America will tell Africa what to do and South Africa president is leading in the action , but my worry is where is Nigeria president in the world scheme of things

  3. How I wish I was a decision maker on such matters bcz I would tell the US to take its AGOA and stick where the sun never shines… South Africa and Africa as a whole doesn't need the West its actually the West that needs Africa and South Africa… the West is what it is bcz it's pillaging our resources like no nobody's buniness. There are no terrorists or dictators that are more than USA. These crooks are just pissed bcz SA is part of BRICS and many countries wanna join the Brics, they hate us bcz we form part of countries that are leading de-dollarisation project. China made it worse by sourcing grain from SA and no more from USA.

  4. African officials need to grasp the concept of cause and effect. These sanctions will remind these African nations, that forever have their hands out for aid and assistance, that they cannot throw the West's values in the garbage and still expect all of the monetary support they get from the West.

    Of course, China will play the propaganda game here to try to drive a rift between African nations and the US and to be able to get even more control over Africa's natural resources.

  5. It’s so pathetic that the US lawmakers really thought they owned the whole world. Stop selling your BS democratic system to the world when you couldn’t even know how to fix your gun violence, racism, homelessness, drugs addiction and other problems in your own country.

  6. In 2021, South Africa exported $14B to United States. The main products exported from South Africa to United States were Platinum ($6.98B), Cars ($798M), and Gold ($687M). they will loose as well bye bye usa

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