A GIANT Waterfall | Palouse Falls & Eastern vs. Western Washington

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41 thoughts on “A GIANT Waterfall | Palouse Falls & Eastern vs. Western Washington

  1. I love winter hiking. New to washington, I'm from Wisconsin. The winter in spokane is so mild compared to what I'm used to and I'm really enjoying exploring this beautiful state. If you haven't you should hike bowl and pitcher at riverside state park. You can walk the centennial for and easy day, or take one of the MANY other trails, I really like the 25 trail!

  2. I went to school in the Palouse area and am from Eastern Washington…so nice to see this area get its moment in the spotlight! I got to Palouse falls every spring. Thank you!!

  3. You're inspiring me to discover my home area as well 🙂 I never traveled inside my country, but I want to try it now! Maybe I discover something new, a landscape I didn't expect in Germany, I am looking forward. 🙂 thx <3

  4. I found your Palouse Falls video very informative. You addressed interesting key questions new visitors would ask. A drone footage would be nice. But your information was much more valuable. Thanks.

  5. Just discovered you today. As newlyweds my sweetie attended WSU in Pullman. I LOVE the Palouse! A couple of family members attended U of Idaho in Moscow ID. We gotta check out the Palouse again.

  6. Just went yesterday and it was epic. The marmots are a plus too. We got a great photo of a marmot chilling while watching the waterfall.

  7. I'm an Eastern Washington native… Not all Eastern Washington is flat like this. Mostly the Tri Cities area/Ritzville… But around Spokane it's mountains every where. And usually super rainy in the Fall and Spring.

  8. Aloha Allison. I’m originally from Hawaii and now living in Washington state for several years. Many locals say the same thing: bored of this place. There is so much to see, so much hiking and outdoor recreation in this state! Why I also snowboard and ski: there are so many ski resorts, especially Mount Baker which has the world record snow fall in the U.S.! I’ve traveled the world and do think our state is gorgeous. Maybe do some content hiking our many trails (when you come back to visit, now that you are in Austin 🙂 Loving your content. Thank you for sharing..

  9. Used to work at this park/Lyons ferry. It was a very cool job can honestly say it was the best view I’ve ever had from a lawn mower. Also, fun fact, talked to a guy who had to dive the water under the falls for search and rescue. According to the guy, boulders the size of cars just tumble around down their.

  10. Downplaying Eastern Washington is a pretty common narrative by most Washington state residents—specifically western Washington residents. However I think Eastern Washington is totally underrated. It’s not that Western Washington isn’t beautiful because it obviously is. However, Eastern Washington is super unique. I love that I can go there, wander around in the fields and feel like there isn’t a person near me for miles. Just deer and sometimes wild horses running free. Oh and the blue skies contrasted with the ground. The sunsets hit totally different there too (Western WA gets better sunrises). I find Eastern WA very hypnotic, peaceful and sometimes haunting. Comparatively, hiking in western Washington invariably feels like I’m surrounded by 15-20 tech yuppies with REI cosplay fetishes. We’re all rushing out to the same Instagramable spot. Both sides have their merits. Both sides have their downsides. But I strongly disagree with anyone who immediately dismisses Eastern Washington as ugly or not worth exploring.

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