5 West African countries involved in the construction of highway

Five West African states are building a highway connecting Cote d’ivoire’s economic capital of Abidjan to Nigeria’s largest city of Lagos. Ghana, Benin and Togo are the other states which will benefit from the project which is currently in its initial stages.


18 thoughts on “5 West African countries involved in the construction of highway

  1. The. khazars. are shit.. this highway is way below international standards. no walk way for pedestrians. narrow lanes. no. traffic signage. the khazah world bank. uses. fiat. dollars back. by nothing to throw its weight in africa time is near when africa says noo to fist khazar dollar and yes to africa owns. afro gold backed currency

  2. i think Africa has to work hard to come out of poverty. this can be achieved if and only if it remain open and connected and facilitating inter state trade and people to people relations. once it happened African economy grow faster and of course more job is created and its GDP gets high enough to increase percapta income

  3. Intra – Africa trade is low roughly 11-15 percent through free movement of people and goods it can be increased. Therefore it urgent we create single African passport and invest more in infrastructure connectivity in road, rail, air, water, and Energy infrastructure

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