25 Most Surreal Places on Earth – Travel Video

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A simple online search will show you just how diverse our planet is. Yet it isn’t until you see these surreal destinations with your own eyes that you can both appreciate their beauty and untamed power. Travel is one of life’s great pleasures and there are many different ways to fill up your passport. Yet venturing to some of the most unique sights will do more than just fill your camera with Insta-worthy pictures. From inhospitable deserts to magical caves and everything in between, this video will show you why you should never stop exploring.


50 thoughts on “25 Most Surreal Places on Earth – Travel Video

  1. The People/ Civilizations Who Built Many Of These Megalithic Sites R Far Older Than Acknowledged By Mainstream Archeology!! There's No Tools, Known Building Techniques, That Prove, That They Did!! 0 Zero!! Only Evidence Of Reoccupation/Repair Work – Building On Top Of Usually Far Better , Bigger Original Construction!! U Need , To Acknowledge , This And Say That!! If, U Bother To Mention, The Structures Unknown OR. Builders/Architects!!😬🖕😒🤔

  2. I've been to the Waitomo Caves. I expected it to be great, but it was life-changing-great. If you get a chance, please, please go. Do both the main chamber tour and the caving tour, because I think most people consider the main attraction to be the main chamber, but I found the caving tour to be a superior experience. You still get to see the glow worms as you're floating down some of the underground streams and crawling through those caves was so much more fun than I ever anticipated. It's so cool. Go!

  3. Some more best places:

    1. Fingals Cave, Isle of Mull, Scotland – An t-Eilean Muileach, na h-Alba
    2. Dunardry Summit, Argyll & Bute, Scotland – Barr nan Dun Áird Ruigh, Earra-Ghaidheal, na h-Alba
    3. Dun na Cuaiche Watchtower, Inveraray, Scotland – Dùn na Cuaiche, Inbhir Aora, na h-Alba
    4. Craig Murrail, Argyll & Bute, Scotland – Creag Mhurreil, Earra-Ghaidheal na h-Alba
    5. Machrihanish Beach, Argyll & Bute, Scotland – Machaire Shanais Taigh, Earra-Ghaidheal na h-Alba
    6. Gualachulain, Loch Etive, Scotland – Goul Lachul Ainn, An Loch Eite na h-Alba
    7. Rannoch Moor, Scotland – Moine Rannaich na h-Alba
    8. Tiree Island, Scotland – Taigh Rìgh Eileach na h-Alba
    9. Jura Island, Scotland – Eilean Diura na h-Alba
    10. Dun Chonallaich, Auchinellan by Ford, Argyll & Bute Scotland – Dùn Chonallaich, Achadh An Eileann nan Ath Lì, An t-Ath na h-Alba Agus Earra-Ghaidheal
    11. Treshnish Islands, Scotland – Eileanan Treis Inis na h-Alba
    12. Easdale Island, Scotland – Eilean Eisdeal na h-Alba

  4. Ill make a suggestion for u
    In nsw there is a beautiful natural. Reserve called bobbin head within the area of the kuringie chase a large body of water that connects to the ocean channel that flows into the sea a perfect place to have visited been there with my dad since I was 4 awsome fishing spot lol 😅 are U able to make a vidio on this place idk how old it is but have a look it's gotta be from another age

  5. And to say that God doesn’t exist, it’s impossible.

    Thank You God for making this gorgeous world for all of us to enjoy it. 🙏👍👏🙌🥰😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. When I see all this amazing places it makes me wonder why science fiction movies go thru the trouble of fabricating alien worlds and spend tons of money creating elaborate sets of artificial environments when spectacular places already exist.

  7. 25. Egypt
    24. Tanzania
    23. United States (Utah)
    22. Thailand
    21. New Zealand
    20. Cambodia
    19. Iceland
    18. Croatia
    17. Colombia
    16. United States (Wyoming)
    15. Australia (Western Australia)
    14. Philippines
    13. Mauritius
    12. Namibia
    11. Indonesia
    10. Ethiopia
    9. Australia (Queensland)
    8. Brazil (Maranhão)
    7. United States (Arizona)
    6. Mexico
    5. Bolivia
    4. Greece
    3. China
    2. Brazil (Roraima state), Guyana & Venezuela
    1. Turkey

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