25 Best National Parks in the USA

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The USA is a really big place. Within the wide-open spaces of the contiguous United States, as well as Alaska and the far-flung islands of Hawaii, there’s just about every climate and ecosystem you can imagine; from temperate rainforests and pine-clad mountains to deserts and scrublands. Naturally, there are a lot of national parks dedicated to preserving the best that nature has to offer in the USA. Otherworldly sandstone monuments, multicolored hot springs, craggy coastlines, scorching deserts – it’s all here. Have a look at the best national parks in America.


44 thoughts on “25 Best National Parks in the USA

  1. I believe we appointed a first nation's citizen as the director of national parks. I spent some time in the forest service. Those jobs go to rich white kids. They pay dirt so that way only locals and rich white kids can afford to work them.

    I also know actual practical skills/knowledge has been my sales pitch for where education needs to go. We should establish an education pipeline so that the first nations' knowledge of the land can be both preserved, passed on, and most especially, turned into a fucking job that pays the bills and can fucking buy groceries (a very essential job I might add).

    This shit could be a vocational training that starts as early as mid high school, and progresses into the equivalent of a college degree (gonna need to take some biology classes for the big leagues, but no Ochem unless you're interested. That part can be an elective).

    That's just the prototype. Talk amongst yourselves and figure out what you like about it. If we got our 34, we can also renegotiate treaties and sovereignty issues AND land back IN ADDITION to the above idea.

    But like being in the woods is just as complicated as any other trade. And we need people who know how to be in the woods. That absolutely SHOULD be turned into a trade.

    Henry Cavil is doing that 40k show, and one of the big things about humans in that story is they have all the technology to make more technology, but nobody has any idea how it works so they just think it's ghosts and shit. I almost wonder if that's part of why my own species went extinct. Preserving knowledge/skills is really fucking important.

  2. For me, Mesa Verde made the Grand Canyon feel quaint. Imagining the scale of those dwellings was awe-inspiring. In pictures, and videos it always looks tiny, and doesn't do it justice. We also tent camped on top for two nights, and I've never seen a more brilliant sky in my life. You get the double benefit of high elevation, and low light pollution. It's absolutely UNREAL looking!

    Mesa Verde also had one of the coolest (and scariest) trails I've ever hiked (Petroglyph Trail). There's a portion were you have to climb up the rockface almost vertically.

  3. Rocky Mountain National Park is not exactly quiet these days. It’s hard to beat the crowd unless you get there at 6am in the morning during the weekends. I’m sad to say that tourists have kind of ruined the experience for me at Rocky Mountain National Park! Often time I had to change my plan because I couldn’t find parking at a trailhead! Worst part is most tourists are taking up spaces away from regular outdoorsy folks that actually go to the park to hike the mountains. These days, I avoid visiting the Rocky Mountains altogether and hike in smaller and less well-known hiking trails outside of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

  4. No disrespect to the National Parks in the Eastern U.S., but come on, Olympic National Park isn't even listed and Mt Rainier National park is below Everglades and Great Smoky Mountains? The vastness, scale, and variety of scenery in the parks in the west is unaparalleled by anything in the east, particularly the parks I listed. Mt Rainier National Park smokes Great Smoky Mountains.

  5. What they didn't mention about Crater lake is that there's actually a trail that leads down to the lake and you can swim in it. It is so cold but so clear, I think it's worth it

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  7. I was watching this video with someone who hadn't been to the United States and immediately noticed a huge problem. Very rarely in this video do you ever tell the audience what state is national parks are in. America is a big place and for someone planning to come here and visit who thinks they're going to go to Acadia national Park and then Redwood National Park it's going to think that's totally doable. Please in future, make sure to name the state for those people who are unfamiliar.

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