25 Best Cities to Visit in Asia – Travel Video

Check out all the cities seen in this video: https://www.touropia.com/best-cities-to-visit-in-asia/

Not only the largest continent on Earth but the most populous too, Asia is home to some of the most astounding and alluring cities in the world. The sheer variety and diversity means that each city has its own unique look, feel, and identity, with something new to discover wherever you go.

While some are renowned for their fantastic culinary scenes and pounding nightlife, others boast breathtaking historical sights and cultural landmarks. Their settings vary too: some are set on beautiful bays while others are perched among the mountains or nestled away in arid deserts.


47 thoughts on “25 Best Cities to Visit in Asia – Travel Video

  1. maybe you think the Hong Kong is the best city in the China, but in the reality, the best city in the China is shanghai , why?Because Shanghai’s gdp it’s better than Hong Kong, and the Shanghai have lots of factory and the biggest harbour in the world(Ningbo Zhoushan harhour )so, The Shanghai is the best city in the China, but the status of Hong Kong as a free trade port is irreplaceable in the international community.

  2. 18:20

    Shanghai experienced the tough and cruel COVID lockdown from March to June 2022 and there were around 600 Shanghaiese died from that lockdown, such as the reason of lack of food, being refused by the hospital, and beaten by the white-clothes guard.

    I still remember there was one Shanghaiese guy said:" Xi Jinping, I will not let you go even I die!", then he jumped out from his apartment locked by the white-clothes guard.

  3. Other beautiful cities that that were not mentioned here: Beirut, Medina, Amman, Erbil, Isfahan, Teheran, Kabul, Varanasi, Lhasa, Shangri-La, Amritsar, Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Jakarta, Kasan, Tashkent.

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