#2 Breaking Canada Immigration News! IRCC New Major Announcement & No More New Study Permit

#2 Breaking Canada Immigration News! IRCC New Major Announcement & No More New Study Permit
This channel will be a simplified guide, we’ll walk you through the entire Canada immigration process without the lengthy talks.

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25 thoughts on “#2 Breaking Canada Immigration News! IRCC New Major Announcement & No More New Study Permit

  1. Many schools only give a refund of fees paid only after a study permit denial and that is time-bound too. For instance, in the school I applied to, one can request for a refund and get it in full, minus $250 admin charges when that request comes between January to April, now that IRCC will be holding on on issuing study permits till March, how can International students request for a refund from their schools without a visa denial from IRCC?

  2. We have leaders who want to grow Canada's population as ra[idly as possible for economic reasons. I have heard arguments that we should aim for a population of 100 million people. Try to image the problems associated with this push – increased population congestion, more social tensions, ever increasing demands for more natural resources and industrial developments which will mean degraded natural environments, growing concentrations of wastes, more dammed rivers, shrinking forests and wildlife populations. Get ready to say goodbye to our remaining wild spaces and pristine areas as corporate giants and greedy governments exploit our natural treasures for material gain. Do we really want to become a copy of the US? I am sad for our country

  3. Trudeau is on dangerous path just to remain in power. Earlier he granted free asylum to terrorists, under the guise of war victims many un wanted and dangerous people have entered in Canada after getting citizen many of them have vanished.

  4. If anyone coming to canada for pr using student path, then you are wrong. Now those days gone. In canada alredy 1 Million temp residents wating for pr.

  5. Please I will like to know what happen to someone who has been given acceptance letter from the school, he has done Biometrics and Medicals since last year August but yet has not been issue visa. The person am talking about is my son. I just want to know what is the next thing to do.

  6. Hello😊, I have a Query. Are Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas also considered under those "Graduate Level" programs? If so, will those Graduate certificates and diploma programs gonna have 3 year work permit too?

  7. What my colleagues and I believe we heard, from Canadian Immigration (beginning Jan 22, 2024):
    Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has been reportedly returning any new study permit applications to students received since Jan 22, and refunding application fees. New processing rules to be in place on or before March 31. Master’s or PhD students can still apply.

    For higher populated provinces like Ontario a two year 50% cap (reduction) in study permit (possibly more) is being launched. Less populated provinces, 35%. Certain students are cap-exempt, i.e. master’s or PhD students. British Columbia is not accepting any international students (a few exceptions).

    International students will need to attach a "provincial attestation" to their study permit. Meaning the student must legally verify (via Canadian standards) that ALL of their necessary documents are indeed authentic.

    Including, per year, showing they have $21,000 in savings (after their tuition is paid plus roundtrip travel costs). Elements of monthly bank records will need to be shown (if asked for) proving the money is indeed THEIRS plus THEY are using it to pay for things THEY need from WITHIN Canada. Less fraud.

    No work permit for spouses. Unless the student is exempt (for specific reasons). Hence eliminating many fake (i.e. IELTS girl) marriages that have been occurring.

    Student's work permit expires when their class program ends.

    Students who’ve completed master’s programs (graduated) will soon be able to get three-year PGWPs.

    PRIVATE colleges are being investigated (including looking for foreign interference). Some will be banned from operating. Less deceitful overseas agents cashing in too.

    Canadian schools are no longer to be used for people solely wanting PR or for those planning on staying in Canada illegally if disqualified. Plus less bad actors milking the system for cash (hurting students). Especially when western countries are now faced with a housing crisis not seen in most lifetimes due to many reasons (including mass migration).

    Canada is in the top 10 for peaceful trustworthy countries and Canadians want it to stay that way for students, etc..

  8. I've applied for a Study Permit on Jan 9th. My spouse applied as my companion looking forward for a OWP. I've applied for a Public College. Will we be affected by the new rules anyway? I understand that the changes does not apply in my situation, am I right?

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