15 Things I No Longer Buy

Remember the haul videos?! Have you stopped shopping for anything recently?
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23 thoughts on “15 Things I No Longer Buy

  1. I just came across this video! I wanted to pass along a great non-toxic candle company called Fontana Candles. She uses non-toxic waxes and fragrances and they are great! It’s a small business, her and her husband and they are made in small batches.

  2. I store the seasonal candles with the seasonal decor so I just use them again the next year lol. But I do burn through candles LIKE CRAZY. I also don't like crazy scents tho so I literally only buy lavender, eucalyptus, or other herbal, spa like candles. Very light, minimal scents. And I swear I always run out

  3. No fabric softener sheets – a large bottle of fabric softener in a big clear jar with cut up sponges soaking in it. Wring one out and toss in dryer. When done return to fabric softener.

  4. There are soy based candles as well as a few other types like coconut available. They are not supposed to pollute the air and most use essential oils for fragrance. They are very nice and burn well. I stopped using candles once I adopted a cat. I did not know this before but the toxins released are also harmful to cats and I'm sure small children as well. I am sticking to fairy lights for a homey look. Cats and other pets can also be very sensitive to natural essential oils. And some of those types are actually toxic to them as well.

  5. Good for you! You are no longer a "hoarder"! I'm now unloading many of those things you mentioned you don't buy anymore, too! It comes from being brainwashed by company ads always being crammed down our throats ad nauseam! Tune them out and realize nobody needs 70% of what we are told we can't live without, or is just the latest in-thing-must-have! But if it's books…it's not hoarding! Thanks for all your interesting videos! I loved your one to Jousha Park! Keep trekking…into the mystic. kristi

  6. Just came across your channel after stumbling on your photography content…and I truly respect & enjoyed this video so much! Great content & Video structure. I've been on my minimalism journey for a few years now and have/continue to transform most aspects of my life to be as minimal & Eco Friendly/natural as possible! LESS IS MORE.

  7. For the candles, look for natural waxes (anything but paraffin) and essential oil scents (etsy has great options!)
    Just be careful of essential oils if you have pets

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