12 Most Beautiful Palaces in the World – Travel Video

Check out all the palaces seen in this video: https://www.touropia.com/most-beautiful-palaces-in-the-world/

Once home to kings and queens, palaces were built not only to act as royal residences, but to project power and prestige. As such, monarchs and emperors vied with one another, commissioning lavish summer homes and assembling exquisite art collections with which to fill their endless halls and royal chambers. Besides the magnificent artworks, the former royal residences also boast gorgeous grounds and gardens, with plenty of fabulous fountains and flowerbeds on display. Due to their significant artistic, cultural and historical value, these beautiful palaces now make for some of the most popular tourist attractions around.


20 thoughts on “12 Most Beautiful Palaces in the World – Travel Video

  1. Not sure how the Palace of Catherine the Great gets left off this list, unless it is just too close to St. Petersburg and the Winter Palace/Hermitage, but it should be at least an honorable mention.

  2. It is a pity that Topkapı palace is the most famous palace in Istanbul. A magnificent baroc rococo style structure that is in the shadow of Dolmabahçe palace and unknown.

  3. L. Europe est extrêmement riche à ce point de vue…. En France par exemple il y a plus de 40 000 châteaux… Oui vous lisez bien 40 000 châteaux je vous laisse vérifier… En Europe c c'est tout aussi conséquent.

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