12 Beautiful Fairytale Castles in Europe – Travel Video

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Built by kings and queens to protect and rule their realms, castles had not only to be able to withstand attack but to project their power and wealth. As such, sturdy keeps and imposing walls were erected alongside marvelous palaces, full of ornate and elaborate chambers and throne rooms.

These castles were often built at strategic and spectacular settings at the mouths of valleys, at the entrance to mountain passes, or on glittering lakeshores. Add in the weight of history, and these amazing structures set amongst breathtaking scenery make for some of the most beautiful castles in Europe.


34 thoughts on “12 Beautiful Fairytale Castles in Europe – Travel Video

  1. I've visited these castles: Switzerland: Chillon, Spiez, Sargans, Scoul-Tarasp, Werdenberg, Bellinzona, Sion, Hohenklingen; Austria: Hohensalzburg; Germany: Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau; Scotland: Edinburgh; England: Windsor.

  2. Once A Holy Elven Kingdoms of Fairies Dusts Castles known throughout Childhoods is the largest Castle somewhere in the World the size of New York City. "Imagines Dusts" ― Fairies Dusts Castles Home Owner Ken Pochinko

  3. Peles Castle in Romania is far more beautiful than most of your selected ones. However, I would go and see the ones you selected. In fact, I have been to the two German castles on your list.

  4. Only been to the PENA in Sintra, Portugal on this list which I class as a Palace. I did also visit the castle of the Moors which lies upon the adjacent hill to the palace. However, I am disappointed that a castle in Northern Italy is not on your list. The castle of TORRECHIARA is a hidden gem around 30 miles south from the city of Parma. Sadly their is no furniture, but the art is the painted walls and ceilings of the many rooms in this fortress. The hollywood cameras have visited here as the early appearance of Michelle Pfeiffer in "LADYHAWKE" was filmed here and in the surrounding hills. My visit to Emilia – Romagna that included a visit to Lambourghini factory, the towers of Bologna and the Palio races at Ferrara, was my greatest ever vacation and Torrechiara was one of the bonuses that I will never forget.

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