10 Ways Minimalism Improves Your Life

Have you simplified any parts of your life?
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44 thoughts on “10 Ways Minimalism Improves Your Life

  1. Thanks for watching! Has a minimalist mindset improved any areas of your life? (Also, if you're looking for a refreshing summer drink recommendation, be sure to watch the end!)

  2. I have never understood the argument about saving time by having less clothes. I‘ll have to wear clothes anyway, they will get dirty just the same. Will I have to wash them by hand all the time? Because running practically empty washing machines certainly isn‘t sustainable… Unless I have only the clothes on my back I will have to move clothes around won‘t I?

  3. Allison, I would love to hear your thoughts on being a minimalist in your relationship. Does your husband share your views? If not, how do you communicate your need/desire to have less clutter and adopt these practices in a shared living space. ❤️❤️

  4. I just finished cleaning the living room and the kitchen. I am known as the most lazy person in the family. I am often in my phone or sleeping, lying down on the floor. It must be the lockdown affecting me, because I just cleaned without being told! If my parents hear about this, they'll be in shock.

    Anyway, all that cleaning made me realize how much work I have with all this junk that I don't even use. So I threw out useless things and gave away old clothes I barely use and don't use anymore. The less stuff I own, the less mess I have to clean.

  5. I am a new fan of yours !!! Minimalist like you !!! I am Colombian but I am learning English and living in NY … So please do not forget to activate the subtitles it is a great help for me! Thank you and I love your content!

  6. I'm not a minimalist, but I think I can still learn valuable tips (I have been able to reduce some things). I do think there is a difference between a messy house, and a house that has stuff (more than a minimalist would), but is clean. Yes, it can still be cluttered with things, but I know I don't have stuff strewn all over the floor lol.

  7. Love love love your videos! I am getting into the lifestyle of becoming a minimalist but with 2 toddlers and a husband that loves to shop it’s kind of difficult. He gets frustrated if his stuff is not where it was or if I wanna get rid of stuff that we don’t need at all. But when he’s gone for work I get rid of them and he never knows.

  8. Hi Allison! I know this would be different for your channel but a video suggestion: food! Are you “minimalist” in a sense when it comes to food, what are your favorite travel snacks to pack, do you like to save money and cook when traveling or splurge on local cuisine, your favorite things to cook at home? 🙂

  9. Looking at the comments, am I the only guy watching this? 😳

    Allison, thanks for the video. I listened to this while going through a dreaded closet full of things I bought and either wore once or never. Sad thing is, one of those items was a $100 sweater from REI but it didn’t fit well so I never wore it. It’s been sitting in the closet for FOUR years.

    You’ve inspired me to take the next step on this thing and let the mistake be that.. a mistake. Learn from it and move on 😁. Great video and tips

  10. I love how minimalism has become the norm, I love giving myself a work uniform (currently work in an office – working from home due to covid) wearing the same three pieces keeps me from comparing myself to the office outfits everyone else is wearing (I feel like this feeling is common among women in the office workforce), and purging my closets and stuff feels so great and it just keeps getting easier and easier, the mobility and freedom from stuff is truly priceless for those wanting to travel! I'm about to move to another city and I'm attempting to half my stuff so moving will be easier!

  11. Love this Allison! I started watching you back in the beauty guru days, and now having grown up with you, watching these videos is so much better! 👏🏽

  12. A Huge fan from India 🇮🇳
    I Just come across your Videos in youtube while searching travel vlog….. And you know what… I liked all your videos💙
    Everything is beautiful 💚
    I saw your all travel vlog which Drags me more close to the Natural Beauty …🌍💚
    Keep your Good work continue

  13. Lol so the beginning felt like a rude awakening for me 🙃 I really do love buying cute little seasonal treats. But honestly, I don’t need it. And open space is so lovely at home. It’s so much easier to work and clean. Plus… with the pandemic, I’m telelworking. Which means a clean, tidy, organized space is super important ❤️ thank you for these tips. It’s a long term goal but you give some tangible strategies

  14. I’m still in the use up what you have phase of attaining minimalism but seeing my shelves and drawers slowly becoming emptier is SO satisfying!

  15. Something that motivates me to declutter is the idea that I would hate for family to have to go though a bunch of my ‘junk’ if I died. (Morbid, yes, but it works)

  16. This is hands down the best video on minimalism I've seen on YouTube, and it re-inspired me. Thank you! All your points are spot on. And if I loved your channel before, now it's becoming one of the top top ones, and your personality is what makes it all so good. It's harder to be minimalistic with my creative work and hobbies that require tools and supplies, but aside from that, I do my best to keep reducing my things for the same exact reasons you mention. Less stress – more clear mind 🙂

  17. I have a minimalist wardrobe and I still stand there and wonder what to wear. I am not good at finding things that go together. I can't wear light pants with dark shirts looks fine on other people but can't stand it on me.

  18. I've started my minimalist journey some years ago but I am still a little bit away from my goals. My partner is a buyer. I'm the minimalist. Things not always go smooth between the two because of that. I can't really understand the value of spending more on physical video games, or havinf a ton of dress shirts that you just don't wear anymore. My struggle these days are my skirts. I don't tend to use skirts. Like ever. The only skirt I ever wore with pride was a anckle lenght skirt that emulated something out of the victorian period. I loved that skirt to death… Literally. She died on my body. 🙂
    So now I'm stuck with skirts that I don't plan to wear but that I visually love to look at and… Well, you know how that will go. They will end on the charity shop.
    My whole minimalist journey was like this so you can see why it took me so long to get this far.

  19. I found your account today and I love the lifestyle habits you live by and your financial videos are extremely helpful. I’m 18 and want to be financially smart and start investing. So you explaining these things in a simple way is like a breath of fresh air because I can understand it all!

  20. That lemonade you showed made me laugh. I bought one in Wisconsin's Door county a week ago while on vacation and thought it might be a local thing. Sure was good on a hot day. I also reuse the glass bottle.
    Thanks for your advice. This is one of the best explanations I have heard so far.

  21. I just recently decided to become a minimalist. No outside influences, just me going out into nature and realizing that everything I had in my car was all I needed to make me happy. From that point on I decided that I’m going to get rid of at least 85% off my belongings. I am currently selling my stuff online. Might take some time, but I already feel better just by making the decision to declutter my life. Some people might call it a midlife crisis. I call it midlife clarity.

  22. Yes and best part I almost make all of clothes I am a minimalist, life is great very manageable I have a habit if I buy something I have to give one away I am proud of my closet ..I also give clothes away that I make ..I am selling fabric by
    The yard which I love doing

  23. I have less than 10% of the closet space of my wife and I am still considering pairing down. I have 1 dresser she has 2. I have about 4 pair of shoes, she had at least 7 dozen. She shops for fun/sport several times a week, I seldom go in a store. She drives a 1 year old leased car that I make the payments on. My car is paid off and is 6 years old. Who says opposites don’t attract.

  24. Even when I go away I pack all the what if’s and end up wearing the same things as long as I can! I haven’t vacationed in a year but shortly after my trip I started truly decluttering and working towards my version of minimalism and so far so good:)

  25. Minimalism has its roots in the obscure scripture passage found in Proverbs 30:8-9. It's the Prayer of Agur and delivers the secret for finding balance and purpose. In many ways, the opposite of The Prayer of Jabez.

  26. When I put my home on the market, my realtor ask me to take half of the things off my walls and surfaces. I noticed immediately how much much calmer I felt! In decorating my new home on many occasions I would want to purchase things just to fill a space and have stopped myself and now even if I put one thing too many in a space or on a wall I immediately feel uncomfortable.

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