10 Top Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

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Over the centuries, Warsaw has been plundered and invaded many times by forces from Sweden and France to Russia. It suffered heavy damage from German bombs in World War II. Yet, Warsaw today is a new, vibrant city that has been largely restored to its pre-World War II. Among the tourist attractions in Warsaw, Old Town, with its palace, churches and castles, is not to be missed. Visitors also will want to take advantage of the city’s impressive cultural activities. Here’s a look at the top tourist attractions in Warsaw:


22 thoughts on “10 Top Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

  1. To say that Warsaw "suffered heavy damage from German bombs in World War II" is quite misleading. While some bombs early on damaged a little bit of teh city. after the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, German troops systematically destroyed about 85% of the city by blowing up the buildings. It was Hitler's attempt to permanently wipe Warsaw off the face of the Earth. Let's be accurate….

  2. If you want to see fat ugly thief, please go to Kantor Interchange Polska, ul. Krakowskie Przedmirscie 57/59 old town and look at cashier Michal Matusiak and his eur/zl rate 3,24. I lost 100 euros while exchanging there. There he is, spot him into face please. With regards, Jori Kaila, Helsinki Finland.

  3. "Warsaw suffered from German bombs"?? Sounds like not funny joke. Warsaw was literally wiped out from the map. Following the Warsaw Uprising, Hitler personally ordered the complete demolition of Warsaw and the murder of all Warsaw residents, so that it was a warning to other European capital cities not to oppose the Nazi regime. The order was executed, so that approx. 90-95% of Warsaw buildings and infrastructure were blown to the ground by Germans and their allies. Himmler also justified the destruction of Warsaw as "the final solution" for the Polish nation, culture, tought,hub of communication and the centre of power of the "eternal competitor" and enemy of Germany and German people. Don't believe me, just do the homework and your own research, during WW II there was also the Polish genocide… not only Jewish. Although the video is generally positive, some statements are, to put it mildly, tactless and ignorant.

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