10 Top Tourist Attractions in Istanbul – Travel Video

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Istanbul is a city that wears its cultures and history well, blending them into an exciting city that has much to offer travelers from around the world. Founded during Neolithic times, Istanbul today is a modern city that remains true to its historic heritage through its mosques, basilicas and ancient bazaars. Standing between the East and the West, Turkey’s largest city offers an aura of intrigue and charm that will appeal to all visitors. Here’s a look at the top tourist attractions in Istanbul:


30 thoughts on “10 Top Tourist Attractions in Istanbul – Travel Video

  1. Some other beautiful attractions in Istanbul:
    Beylerbeyi Palace
    Yildiz Palace
    Ihlamur Palace
    Kuçuksu Palace
    Ortakoy Mosque
    Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Mosque
    Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, edirnekapi
    Rustem Pasha mosque
    Yeni Cami
    Fatih Mosque
    Pamakaristos Church
    Hagia Irene
    Nuruosmaniye Mosque
    Çamilca Mosque
    Zeyrek Mosque
    Sehzade Mosque
    Yavuz Selim Mosque
    Little Hagia Sophia

  2. An important correction: the sarcophagus in the archeological museum is not Alexander the Great's own sarcophagus. It is called Alexander's sarcophagus because it features the Macedonian king in one of its sculptures. This is well explained in the information chart by the piece.

  3. Greetings to everyone from Istanbul, which connects Asia and Europe. Every place you see in the video is in Europe. The opposite side of the sea is the continent of ASIA. 00:01 and 4:53 The bridge you see is the Bosphorus bridge connecting the continents of Asia and Europe. There are 3 bridges between Asia and Europe and sea transportation is quite common. When you cross the bridge, you change continents after 5 minutes. Therefore, Istanbul is a special city that connects Asia and Europe. There are 10 million foreigners in Istanbul, there are many people from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria and Arab countries. If there is someone bothering you, 80 percent of them are foreign nationals. Don't think everyone who bothers you is a Turkish citizen. And report it to the police. They stick like ticks if you talk.The government's immigration policy is hurting tourism and these foreigners are starting to bother tourists. 8-9 million men out of 10 million foreigners taken into our country may disturb you.

  4. When dating my wife, I suggested going to Istanbul. Her GFs told her "It's too dangerous", or "WHY would you go there??" It turned out to be one of (if not) THE best place we've visited! We saw almost the entire western 1/2 of the country & she was so impressed & so in love with it, we've returned twice & was planning on moving to Izmir. Sad to say, they've reverted back to a nationalistic/religious based government (from a more secular) and it's might not (in our humble opinion) be conducive to foreigners.

  5. Hey there! 🌍 Istanbul is a total gem! 🕌 Don't miss these awesome spots in the city. From historic sites like the Hagia Sophia to the vibrant Grand Bazaar, you're in for a budget-friendly adventure full of rich experiences! Happy exploring! 🎉👏 #TravelOnABudget

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