10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand – Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video: https://www.touropia.com/best-islands-in-thailand/

With excellent weather, warm ocean water, and palm-fringed beaches, Thailand is island living at its very best. Pair that with top-notch accommodation and a pleasing exchange rate, and you have the ultimate holiday destination. An abundance of islands each offers their own unique personality, from bustling markets and extraordinary temples to enchanting swimming spots, beach bars, and coral reefs. Whether you’re looking to keep busy kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling, or simply want to relax with a cocktail in hand – you’ll find a Thai island to suit you.


35 thoughts on “10 Most Beautiful Islands in Thailand – Travel Video

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  2. I visited all of them in your list, and more, multiple times.

    most beautiful overall is Similan

    most beautiful & convenient is Lipe. Boating from Lipe is Koh Rang islands, the most beautiful seas

    most beautiful beach (if no crown) is Maya bay, Phi Phi

    best snockling + convenient is Koh Tao

    best 5-star resort is koh samui

    most beautiful closest to Bangkok, Koh Samed

  3. I'm Thai. All Thai people welcome tourists of all nationalities and religions, no matter who you are, where you come from, if you come to travel with quality, respect Thai people, respect Thailand. Thai people will help each other to maintain the good trust of tourists. Help each other to provide good service to tourists in a friendly manner. Smile, cheerful, peaceful, safe, clean, equal for all classes. Thailand also has many interesting places to explore. Suitable for tourists of all levels of your hopes. We can definitely welcome everyone with the best willingness for sure. But we can definitely welcome everyone with the best thi-survice. Thank you for visiting Thailand.

  4. Having lived in Thailand as a foreigner since 1979, my favorite island will remain nameless. More foreigners seem to be slowly arriving. And what's up with the Russian invasion of so many draftable-age males? Where do they get their credit cards and how can they stay here so long? There is a younger couple late 20s who have been in my neighborhood since last May.

  5. Thailand has 936 islands.

    More than half of islands, 491 islands located in marine national park. After that under the care of local government and some of islands under Navi for Public security.

    i am Thai, by watching this video, make me want to visit all of this10 islands.

    10.Ko muk never visit yet

    9.Ko lanta never visit yet

    8.Similan islands 1 time visit very very beautiful and there also have secret blue lagoon.

    7.Ko Samui 4-5 times visit, this island very very hot weather

    6.Phuket i l am living here as full time mom of 3 kids, i love phuket so much, very beautiful island, Phuket is huge and have many beautiful beaches. i do not visit all of beaches here yet.

    5.Ko phangan 1 time visit, i live there 3 months as part time worked on summer. quiet, fresh air and feeling like living in real island. far from main land 3 hours on ferry from mainland and things on the island is expensive. Koh samui more cheap than Ko phangan only 1 hour on ferry.

    4.Ko chang never visit

    3.Ko Lipe never visit

    2.Ko Tao never visit

    1.Ko phi phi never visit

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