10 Best Places to Visit in Washington State – Travel Video

Washington is best known for its biggest city of Seattle, but the Evergreen State is also home to a huge number of scenic destinations. Whether you want to hike right up to waterfalls, admire snow-capped mountains from a distance or spend the day on islands off the coast, Washington has it all. It is easy to pack your vacation with city life, world-class attractions, national parks and more while in the Pacific Northwest. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Washington State:


27 thoughts on “10 Best Places to Visit in Washington State – Travel Video

  1. Skip Seattle. It's not the city it once was. Last time I visited, I wasn't out of the car two minutes before a crazy person walked by screaming, "This city is %$#%#$, it's all the White man's fault", over and over.

  2. Do other countries also have a "boom car" problem, or is this problem only occurring in the United States? If you do not know what a "boom car" is, maybe it is not happening there. It is a vehicle with an over-amplified bass speaker "subwoofer" box that blast bass noises (thumping and booming) loud enough to be heard blocks away and inside homes, schools, shops, offices, hospitals, care centers, and all other buildings. In most of the U.S.A. this is illegal, but as with many other crimes in the U.S.A., police do not enforce against criminal offenses here.

  3. All good choices (always glad to see Spokane included on lists like this), but Dry Falls, the Palouse, and the Yakima Valley/Walla Walla wine regions are also worth the visit. Also the Gorge.

  4. I grew up in Vancouver WA, not Canada, and there are so many great places to visit there and a stones throw away. It sits on the stunning Columbia gorge, has its own significant history and on a clear day you can see four snow capped mountains, Hood, Adams, St Helens and Rainier( cuz it’s so massive). WA has three stunning national parks and Mt St Helens is just down the road from where I grew up in Vancouver. Can’t recommend it enough. Not just the visitors center but the road through Cougar, WA by the reservoir and up to Meta Lake. The road practically takes you to the peak of the mountain. It’s well worth the drive when the forest roads are open.

  5. I am a native too used to live in seattle but moved as far as I can (after having children) so my family can enjoy the nature and be safe. My children never been to downtown Seattle, because I m concern about their safety. But I really feel bad about it.

  6. The North Cascades is absolutely breathtaking. it's unique in that you can experience so much of the natural splendor right from your car, or within just a short walk after parking.
    Like the North Cascades, Olympic National Park is a panacea of nature. From Hurricane Ridge (not "Hurricane Pass") to the Hoh Rain Forest, the scenery is spectacular. As a native to the area, and being just a few minutes from Hurricane Ridge, I am still completely in awe when I walk the trail to the high ridge. It makes you realize just how small you are as you look thousands of feet down to the Strait of Juan de Fuca below. When my sister-in-law visited from the east coast, we took her to the Hoh Rainforest. At one point we lost her and doubled back. We found her laying on her back, looking up into the canopy, mesmerized by the wonder of nature.

  7. While I won't diss on Seattle (because you need a larger city for a variety of reasons, like good healthcare options and diversity), I will agree that the rest of the of the state has so much to offer that you really don't have to be IN Seattle to get a lot of the benefits.😮

  8. Grew up in Portland area and lived in Spokane WA for 22 years. I used to like visiting Seattle, but it has become infested with junkies and far left extremist groups. Spokane gets a bad rap for some reason, but despite some of the issues there it is a great place to live and visit.

  9. Seattle made me laugh. They are competing with LA and SF for worse cities on the West coast. If drugged out crazies and endless tents are your thing, that's good. Don't forget the broken windows if you dare try to lock your car. Seattle is the worst city in Washington.

  10. Be sure to visit Dry Falls. It is possibly the largest freshwater waterfall ever to exist. All of the Scablands is an amazing place to visit, and you won't have to deal with large crowds.

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