10 Best Places to Visit in Oregon – Travel Video

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The tenth largest state in the United States, Oregon exemplifies the beauty and wildness of America’s Pacific Northwest. While there are many cultural venues in Oregon worth exploring, it’s the state’s diverse landscapes that draw many travelers to this corner of the country. From rugged shorelines and thick verdant forests to towering volcanic mountains and steep river gorges, Oregon’s natural attractions are simply breathtaking. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Oregon:

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50 thoughts on “10 Best Places to Visit in Oregon – Travel Video

  1. Been to all of them, numerous times to several of them and I've got to say as a 52 year old Oregon native, that with the numerous amazing places all over this state Portland doesn't belong anywhere near a top 10, maybe 30-40 years ago it would have but not anymore, a city that has been ran by liberal Democrats many who are FAR left extremist who have done NOTHING for Portland but stir division and destroy a once beautiful city.
    For several years the violent terrorist group antifa has been allowed to terrorize the city at will and with no repercussions or consequences, on the rare occasion that one of these worthless slimeballs is arrested, they are released with charges dropped by a RADICAL leftist District Attorney, who in no way operates like he should by applying EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW!! A God given right guaranteed by the Constitution!
    If anyone tries to claim that the DA is fair, you are either all out lying, know none of the well known facts, or just stupid.
    Portland AKA Anquifastan!
    The streets, parks, bike paths, greenways,freeways,business areas are OVERRUN with homeless junkies who leave dirty syringes and defecate everywhere, they build GIANT biohazard, drug and crime infested 3rd world slum city's that cost astronomical amounts to clean up, just for them to be allowed to do it over and over!
    You can save the "we just need more housing for these poor little victims", because the vast majority of homeless in Portland refuse services to get them off the streets, because the have to stop being JUNKIES!! Programs make you stop using, which means they've made the decision to be a homeless junkie, and all of this is done in the name of liberal "compassion", just drive around Portland and ask yourself if what you see resembles compassion in any way?
    Portland PD is horribly shorthanded and only getting worse.
    All drugs have been essentially decriminalized.
    Crime is out of control, from murder on down, crimes like shoplifting for the most part aren't being charged, criminals arrested for some very serious crimes like Arson, Assault, Riot, etc, if even charged are QUICKLY released from custody, well unless you're a Conservative, or Republican, or Libertarian, or a President Trump or President Reagan supporter, or a Patriot of ANY color, they will throw the book at you and keep you locked up as long as they can.
    Most people who work in the Portland area can't afford to live there.
    Portland is well on it's way like Seattle to being our west coast Detroit/Baltimore/Chicago like cesspools, that liberal ran cities always degrade into.

  2. Wow! What an awesome video I would love to go travelling now. Oregon never fail to impress me because it’s an incredibly beautiful state with breathtaking scenery. I would love to see from places to places in Oregon especially the northern and the western part of the state where there are mountain rock climbing, camping, hiking, skiing and fun activities you can do to pass the time. I also would recommend visiting Portland where there are parts of the city that is worth seeing.

  3. Good thing Oregon Oregon does not exist on the Eastern side of the Cascades or your list would be A LOT shorter . I guess unless you want Yuppie Oregon you are out of luck .

  4. Thought Ashland would make this list. With the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Mt Ashland, a plethora of lakes. Jacksonville near by with the Britt Festival, white water rafting.

  5. Im a proud Oregonian but please quit bringing Portland up in your videos when describing areas in Oregon. Nobody outside Portland gives 2 shits about that stinky homeless drug infested shit hole

  6. My mom been to save Oregon before Dino's ocean Oregon DC the ocean Oregon NEC the ocean and it leads out to any leads out the Ocean shores to the state of Washington 😍😍⛱️⛱️⛱️

  7. I am watching you from Russia. I like your video. Narration, sound quality are perfect. Content is very interesting. Plz go on. I would like to visit these picturesque places…

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