10 Best Places to Visit in New Mexico – Travel Video

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It’s no wonder that New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment. Whether exploring ancient ruins, shopping for silver or just enjoying the ever-changing colors of the sky at sunset, New Mexico casts its charm on every visitor. With varied landscapes that range from red rock mesas to snow-capped mountains, New Mexico encapsulates all of the geological features that attract visitors to the American Southwest. No other state, however, has such a unique palette of light-infused colors, which is why so many artists call New Mexico home. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in New Mexico:


49 thoughts on “10 Best Places to Visit in New Mexico – Travel Video

  1. Albuquerque land of entrapment.
    Beautiful balloon festival, old Town, fireworks, drive bys not so much.
    Taos is excellent for sking and snowboarding. Jemez hot springs & naked people up the mountains.
    The flags motto is red or green.
    Mexican food really good.
    On and on.

  2. Nice collection of unique sites to see and experience. A warning, however, to visitors in Albuquerque; the city is home to some of the highest crime rates in the nation, with more burglaries, carjackings and murders per capita than almost any other city in the southwest.

  3. 10 not worth it, 9 is cool if you like things like that, the train is okay, 8 is cool if you like things like that, 7 you can see white sands in other places too, 6 the only thing worth it to visit is Old Town but if you can make it during the Balloon Fiesta or State Fair that's cool too, 5 once again is cool if you are into stuff like that, 4 cool if your into it, 3 cool if you are into it, 2 is neat if you have the money, 1 is a cute town. This from a born and raised New Mexican.

  4. People don’t waste your time going to New Mexico. It is one of the poorest states and the roads are awful. Outside of a narrow string of mountains it is almost all desert. Santa Fe is the best and about the only thing to do in New Mexico and it is way over priced. Albuquerque is one of the most dangerous crime ridden cities and it is a nasty town. New Mexico is a state best left alone. Leave them people to themselves.

  5. Many years ago I visited Albuquerque, Santo Domingo Pueblo, and Santa Fe in New Mexico.
    The fresh impression of that time still remains as a good memory for me. ♡♡♡

  6. Going to Nex mexico in March unfortunately I won't be doing any traveling as I'm there for a week only on training but atleast I'll get to see socorro while I'm there.

  7. New Mexico is the armpit of the country. good luck finding a doctor, vet, or any other "professional" that you will need. Crime is outrageous!!! Roads suck, I'm so out of here!!! Mexico can take this state and keep it. The people here are so stupid it amazes me. So, if you're thinking about moving here – DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly this place totally SUCKS!!!!

  8. My family visited several national parks in NW, including the White Sands, Calsbad Caverns, and Bandelier National Monument, during the Xmas week of 2021. Nice place!!!

  9. Yup it's me back again to complain about the horrible conditions in albuquerque and new mexico in total. I had to call 911 twice for an emergency and guess what – THEY NEVER SHOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, the people here are some of the stupidest, ignorant, worthless I've ever met. My goal is to get the hell out of here ASAP!!! If you're even thinking of moving here or visiting here – DON"T – You've been warned. This place SUCKS

  10. Going to a 3 day festival in Western New Mexico in May 2024. Pretty excited to road trip around NM again. My 3rd year going.. El Malpais Monument and volcanic ice caves are pretty cool and recommend. The festival is about 30 mins from there so I hope I get to do more trails and ruins. Land keeps calling me back.

  11. Las Cruces has the Zuhl Museum on the NMSU campus which is an astounding collection of petrified wood, fossils, and minerals. There's the 30,000 lb Sequoia tree trunk out in the parking lot, and Sid, the giant sloth, inside. And it's FREE!

  12. I used to drive a Chevy, but now I drive a Ford. I used to have a girlfriend, but now I'm just plain bored because I lost my little lady, down around Santa Fe, oh I just got to find a woman to take this lonesome feeling away.

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