10 Best Places to Visit in Nevada – Travel Video

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While most people come to gamble at its casinos or catch a show at one of its mega-resorts, Nevada also boasts lots of breathtaking scenery and landscapes. Home to not just endless deserts and rugged rock formations, but twinkling lakes and snow-capped mountains too, the sun-scorched Silver State has a lot to offer. Epic scenery, outdoor adventure and historic landmarks beckon as you travel through Nevada. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Nevada:


21 thoughts on “10 Best Places to Visit in Nevada – Travel Video

  1. When I go, when I drive across the entire country, it's not going to be for nightlife but for the astounding beauty. So many people rip on the desert states for having 'emptiness' but this is insane!

  2. Hey there, fellow explorers! 🌄 Nevada's got it all – from the dazzling lights of Las Vegas to the breathtaking beauty of Red Rock Canyon. Check out these 10 must-visit spots that'll satisfy your wanderlust without breaking the bank. Let's make every travel dream a reality! ✈🚗 #TravelOnABudget 🌎💰

  3. She makes it sound like seeing the Blackrock is something you do in an afternoon. The Blackrock desert is enormous. I would advise taking it on a little at a time. If your an outdoors person skilled in basic survival then just be sure you go with friends. It is a wonderful experience however you must remember the desert is very dangerous and there won't be anyone around for a long time to give a hand if your in trouble. Nevada had so many amazing spots, but you must invest the time and effort to find them, and you must always remember your in a hostile place. Whether you wander into the wrong neighborhood in Vegas or you fall and break a leg exploring an old mining town. Often the beauty of the State is hidden amongst things that don't appear all that wonderful.
    This video hits only the known highlights. There are amazing golf courses there are wonderful fishing holes. Nevada boasts the #1 most mountainous State in the continental 48 the highest peak being well over 13,000 feet. There are small active farm and ranching towns that still haven't been connected to the power grid. Pyramid lake has 20+ pound cutthroat trout and a prehistoric fish that is found in only one other place on earth. The Truckee River is great for rafting and fishing.

    There are so many places to visit and have fun in Nevada no it's not S. California or South Beach Florida. Those are the places everyone goes. In my state there are true adventures to be had. I'm 5th generation from Nevada and have zero desire to live anywhere else. I've been everywhere else and there are too many people. You explore Nevada and you can find things no one else has seen in 100s of years if ever.

  4. Nevada has the most mountain ranges of any state. I was through Virginia City and Incline Village today. Reno is great, but no comparison to Virginia City's mining history and western culture.
    Black Rock desert is great for the other 50 weeks of the year without the loons.
    Got no time for Vegas.
    Lake Tahoe is #1. No water from Tahoe reaches any ocean – it is part of the Great Basin.
    The long vistas of Nevada along 50 or 80 make the state incredible. How they ran the Pony Express across this expanse is amazing to consider.

  5. I would add Highway 50, called the loneliest highway in America. Start at Carson City and head East across the whole state. You'll find lots of empty road and small towns along the way. Each small town has its own charm and it's worth the time to stop and explore each one. The terrain changes as you travel east on Highway 50 and you'll soon learn that the geography of Nevada is more that just a large empty desert.

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