10 Best Places to Visit in Montenegro – Travel Video

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Established as an independent country in 2006, the small Balkan nation of Montenegro is quickly becoming a popular travel destination. Gorgeous beaches, verdant mountains and postcard-perfect historic towns draw an increasing number of visitors every year. Add a mild Mediterranean climate into the mix, toss in opportunities for active pursuits ranging from mountain biking to whitewater rafting, and it’s no wonder that tourism is now the driving force behind Montenegro’s growing economy. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Montenegro:


39 thoughts on “10 Best Places to Visit in Montenegro – Travel Video

  1. My parents are Spanish, Sveta is from Ukraine. We have been all over the world. Yes, Montenegro is a beautiful place, from Kotor, Hercig Novi, Boka Bay, to the Mountains, to the Adriatic Sea. And Porto Montenegro is like a small Monte Carlo. But that is where it stops. Maybe great for Eastern Europeans (especially Russians, since they represent 50-75% of the tourists) but…not very American friendly. Montenegro (as in this video) claims that tourism is their primary industry, yet they don't demonstrate that in how they treat you (especially to Americans). We were verbally insulted for being American more than once. Even by staff at a restaurant (in Tivat) and another time at a pub (in Porto Montenegro). We were belittled over the Balkan wars in 1991. How NATO (specifically America) killed innocent people. To be honest, I have NO idea what the war was about, or what America's involvement was. And on July 4, I was wearing a USA t-shirt, and someone in the café we were said "Fuck USA". We felt very threatened.

    Before all of that, we fell in love with the beauty and decided to stay 6 months. We rented a lovely apt on the Bay, with spectacular views. What a mistake that was. Montenegro has the worst healthcare system of any (49) country I have been to. The vet clinics in America have better facilities and equipment (and are cleaner). And the nurses ACTUALLY smoke in the hallway!!!! (Well everyone smokes everywhere in Montenegro even inside restaurants). And for connectivity. Internet comes and goes, and when it is up you're lucky to connect at 50mgs. And as an American you are a "target"; our landlord tried to raise our rent (even though we had a lease) stating it was "the season" now and he can get more money. And the restaurants will try to increase the price or add items you never received. They call bronzini, sea bass, then will argue with you. They will add items to your bill, so you have to carefully check your receipts. NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH, which is cool, we are in the Balkans, but if you're going to claim you're a tourist country, you may want to speak a second language. And when you ask if they speak English, they give you this angry look, and mutter in Montenegrin.

    I once asked a police officer if he spoke English (I needed directions in this tourist "friendly" country) he said something sarcastic and walked away. The government and police are corrupt, there is ZERO law enforcement (or I should say law enforcement is subjective). Cars and motorcycles race around the square, where there are 4 children's playgrounds and the police do nothing. But if you're a tourist that has a parking violation, then they hit you with a 150 euro penalty. They actually target tourists.

    Yes, Montenegro is a beautiful place, but so is Croatia, and Albania. And both countries will treat tourists better (especially Americans) and you will actually feel welcome.

    I could go on and on but when you have Dubrovnik, and Tirana 2 hours away, why risk it!

  2. Just returned from a biking trip through Montenegro. Super friendly people with an attitude that anything can be arranged if you really need it (it's a general Slavic trait, I believe, although with Westernization it slowly starts to vanish in the north-western Slavic countries, like Poland, where I am from), gorgeous nature and pretty towns. Can't wait to go back! Sending love from Kraków 🇵🇱

  3. l ts only one time ,l went to Montenegro and beautiful place and we were not able to go around coz too windy and typhoon is coming .. so we have to leave the place right away for staying four hours only.. so nice to see aound….

  4. OK yes its a nice place people freinldy BUT ALL THE SWEAGE goes into the bay untreated, Lustica bay ORISCOM the same if fact all the way donw the coast to Albaina; study quote its safer to swim in the danub than kotar bay porto same

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