10 Best Places to Visit in Hawaii – Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video: https://www.touropia.com/best-places-to-visit-in-hawaii/

America’s 50th state, Hawaii is a volcanic archipelago located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. As it was the last state to join the US in 1959, the islands still retain much of their unique Hawaiian identity. Due to all the magnificent scenery, it’s worth spending as much time as possible outdoors, either hiking among the volcanoes, surfing the surrounding waves, or snorkeling above its colorful coral reefs. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Hawaii:


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  2. Eh, aloha mai! Dis video of Hula Halau O Kamuela, it's simply breathtaking, yeah? Da beauty and grace of da dancers, combined with da music and storytelling, it's just mesmerizing. Da hula, it's not just a dance, but it's a way of life for us Hawaiians, and it's one way we express our culture, history, and values. I love how dis performance showcases different aspects of Hawaiian life, from da ocean and da land, to da people and da spirits. It's a true testament to da talent and dedication of Hula Halau O Kamuela, and it shows why Hawaiian hula is one of da most beautiful and unique art forms in da world. Mahalo nui loa for sharing dis video, it's truly inspiring and uplifting!

  3. As a Hawaiian blooded kanaka,I can say Please do not support land baron resort mongers from charging and making You pay for “Aloha”.That’s BS! Aloha doesn’t charge extra, Aloha doesn’t put you on a tier wait list because of how much your spending in the hotel. GO AIRBNB

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  5. Hey there, fellow travelers! 🌴🌺 Just watched your amazing video on the "10 Best Places to Visit in Hawaii" and I'm seriously blown away! 🏄‍♂🏖 The way you capture Hawaii's beauty is pure magic. Loving the fact that you're sharing these awesome spots for us budget-conscious adventurers. Mahalo for the inspiration! 🤙🌈🌊

  6. Manitolin island 🏝 is like hawiai Island ever ever expensive only 3 hours by boat away its super expesnißvie expesinaive cost you a whole mouth salary to stay for a week in hawia a day lol even I can't get in with out a boat pass its alright would love to see it some day both Brin in the same amount of tax money

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