10 Best Places to Visit in Belgium – Travel Video

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Traveling in Belgium brings forth images of medieval rooftops, lovely canals, tasty beer, and even more indulgent chocolates. However, there is much for one to see in this remarkable European country, where time seems to move at a slower pace and the people are welcoming to tourists. From modern cities boasting designer shops to cobblestone streets laden with museums, here are the best places to visit in Belgium.


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  1. I've lived and studied in Bruges for over 5 years and having seen many different places around the world, I always feel like home. Despite the incredible amount of tourists wandering around parts of the city, it never feels overcrowded (or loud) as it were. With its many alleys and tiny streets, you can easily feel like travelling back in time.

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  3. As someone who lives in Belgium, I'd love to add 2 places to this list:
    1) Lier. It is a beautiful small city between Antwerp and Mechelen (with great train acces from both those 2 cities). It has beautiful medieval elements like the city square, churches, beguinage, moats, … It's smaller than Bruges en not very well known, so there are almost no tourists! It's also home to the famous Zimmer tower and museum (it's that tower with a bunch of clockfaces and globes, look it up ;-)).
    2) Bokrijk. It's an amazing open air museum with houses, towns, playspaces, … with a bunch of old architecture and actors playing the roles of inhabitants. Lovely to visit, especially with children since there are a bunch of activities tailored to children!

  4. Here you can find the top 10 of the vlog:

    The names are writen in the order of the languages as said in the vlog. Sometimes the French name (FR) was used first, sometimes the Dutch name (NL) was used first. At the top 4 the English name (EN) was used, so then I wrote also that down.

    10) Mons (FR) / Bergen (NL)
    9) Dinant (same in FR & NL, but other prononciation)
    8) Leuven (NL) / Louvain (FR)
    7) Tournai (FR) / Doornik (NL)
    6) Mechelen (NL) / Malin (FR)
    5) Les Ardennes (FR) / de Ardennen (NL) –> NOT a city, but an aria in Wallonia.
    4) Antwerp (EN) = Antwerpen (NL) / Anvers (FR)
    3) Ghent (EN) = Gent (NL) / Gand (FR)
    2) Brussels (EN) = Bruxelles (FR) / Brussel (NL)
    1) Bruges (EN) = Brugge (NL) / Bruges (FR)

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  6. I recently visited Belgium. Brussels is dirty, full of bums and beggars, graffiti and some spots in the city smells like urine. My guess is that only half of the population are still natives. The rest are all immigrants.

  7. Belgium is the worst country. Leopold, the king of Belgium have killed millions and millions of people in Africa. He is 10 times worse than Hitler. History can never forget Belgium and its ruthless king. Ashamed of Belgium.

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